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Apr 28, 2014
Hi, I am having an immense issue on my phone, which also many other people are encountering I saw online as well. I keep getting a non-stop silent notification which says USB Connector Connected / Disconnected. I have a A51 phone and since 3 days this is going on.

I saw many other people encountered this issue. I have tried many of the proposed solutions but in vain. Here is a list of things I did to tackle it:

-Discharge my phone battery to 0% then full charge to 100% with my original battery charger and TYPE C cable.
-Cleared cache and date of USB Settings
-Cleared cache of Android System
-Boot in safe mode and cleared cache of USB settings
-Master reset
-Wiped cache partition in recovery mode
-Downgraded to previous firmware
-Cleaned USB port with a plastic toothpick
-Put the phone 20 hours in rice and even used hair dryer
-Enabled developer mode and change USB default connection to phone charging only

I tried all these but in vain. The issue still persists. I have heard that even after changing the USB port, the problem comes back later. So, it is not a hardware issue then!

Please help...

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