USB DACs, dongles, USB-C headphones and the Razer Phone 2

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Sep 5, 2017
With the Hammerhead ANC USB-C, or the included DAC, or the Hidizs, the RP2 outputs crackling and static at low volume levels. With the latest update, you either get no sound, or the crackling at below ~30% volume.

Using powered external DACs like a Schitt Modi, or combined DAC/Amps like a Sony NW-ZX300 in DAC mode or an JDS Element - there is no crackling.

Using UAPP on RP2 to play music, you can control hardware volume and software volume separately. It appears that the USB DAC and the Hammerhead ANC USB-C don't get enough power at low volumes with other apps and that is why there's dropouts and static..

Is this a problem with just the Razer Phone 2, or with Android in general?


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Mar 8, 2020
I have the similar issue with my razer phone 2. the Dongle plus any non high end earphones, sounds really loss in low volume. But when I use the Sony MDR 7506, the sound is fine. Seems the razer phone is not user friend to low end earphone.