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USB keyboard, mouse and charging together?

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Nov 18, 2010
I would like to connect USB device like keybord and mouse to 5X and with Chromecast use it like "energency laptop" but I need to charge it in the same time. Is it possible?

I tried conventional USB2.0 hub with usb-c to usb-a female adpater and it didnt work. Only one way keybord and mouse or charging.

I tried to buy usb-c small hub like this

there is picture for usb-A socket and micro usb for charging but 5X can use it only one or other way not both way together.

Any hints for me? :) Thanks.


Senior Member
Jan 24, 2011
it's possible, i've made the same thing to use a cheap win tablet with broken screen to use it as a pc. Now i don't remember the order to plug cable and adaptartos. When i come back to home i will send a photo
Nov 18, 2010
But there is another problem in Nexus 5X, there are five optins like(I dont know exactly how it is in English)

Only charging
Charging another device
PTP(picture transfer)
MTP(media transfer)

I think that I need combination of first and second and I do not know why....5X behave depending on what you select, if you select charging it do not connect USB device and if you select charging other device then 5X did not see the standard wall charger and works only USB device like keybord, etc.


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Mar 7, 2011
San Francisco
I've been looking for the same, how can I connect a drive and/or Ethernet adapter and provide power as well?

There's some apparent bad news from Plugable on their 3-port USB hub with power pass-through:

The HUB3P will work with any USB-C host as a standard 3-port hub even if charging pass-through is not supported. As an example the hub works with the Google Nexus 5X Android phone for connecting multiple USB devices at the same time. We used the HUB3P in combination with a flash drive for data storage/transfer and our USB3-E1000 for Ethernet access. Please note if a charger is connected to the hub, the hub will not communicate with the phone for data transfer. This is because the phone can only charge or transfer data, it cannot support simultaneous charge and sync.
(Emphasis mine)

As an upside, they do talk about and illustrate a "new mode" in the USB menu. "Power supply: Charge the other connected device" No idea if that works if it's a non-C device, like a flash drive, SSD, or Ethernet adapter.