Use Android Auto without "This Item Isn't Available in Your Country"


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Dec 8, 2010
Hi everybody

I have seen a lot of posts from people using Android Auto in a non-supported country who get the message "This Item Isn't Available in Your Country".

Since I haven't seen a real solution for this problem and I encountered this today, I thought it might be useful to post a small guide on how to avoid this problem. (At least it worked for me today)

Basically, you get this message because Android Auto needs to download (or update) some Google applications for Android Auto to work on your phone. While doing this, the application performs a country check and thus refuses to run. By installing these applications through the play store and make sure they are up to date, you won't run into this message.

1. Install or update the following applications: Google Calendar, Google Play Music, Google Maps, Google Voice, Google, GMail, Google text-to-speech (Basically all apps Google uses in Android Auto )
2. Reboot your phone
3. Use a wifi-network to connect to the internet. So do not connect using mobile data.
4. In the security settings, enable "Unknown sources"
4. Download the latest Android Auto APK from a trustworthy website like apkmirror.
5. Install Android Auto by opening the downloaded APK-file
6. Run Android Auto and follow the steps in the setup process
7. Enjoy Android Auto
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