Use phone as wireless adapter?(NOT WIRELESS TETHERING)

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Aug 19, 2010
I want to know if there is a way to use an android device as a wireless adapter? Not wireless tethering of your data connection but the ability to use the wifi connection on your pc.

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Sep 20, 2016
I actually just tried the above program and it works. It has serious limitations if your not getting the paid version. Blocks a bunch of webs sites and all secure ones. It does work though. I really wish Verizon would not have found it necessary to remove wifi sharing over USB for some dam reason. The S7 I have, had it factory and they removed it. Not sure why? Seeing how it does not have a fuking thing to do with the mobile network. I can actual tether my computer by USB using mobile network and can't from my wifi. Can already bypass they're tethering fee.

I will continue reading and searching till I find a way to undo or work around big reds unnecessary removal of this feature. Even if it involves crawling a 1000 miles on my hands and knees, on broken glass to find some big wig and beating the reversal out of him with the very S7 I'm typing this on.

Pc net works just as well without root. And hides usage.


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Oct 21, 2009
My Solution without needing Root or Custom ROM

I want to know if there is a way to use an android device as a wireless adapter? Not wireless tethering of your data connection but the ability to use the wifi connection on your pc.

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If you are having the same issue as me then you have a USB Tethering option in "Settings > Wireless & Networks > More" but when you enable it first "Checking your account details" with your cell provider (Mine is Metro PCS using an Alcatel Fierce XL) to make sure they will let you, then it turns off your WIFI, making you use their cellular data for use with USB tethering. This whole concept is ridiculous and just seems like a way for the cell company to force stuff on you as a customer. My buddies android phone (cricket i believe) lets you tether wireless or usb no problems with or without a cell connection, you can use it as a glorified wifi adapter which is actually what he does now after he got a newer phone without a cracked screen.
My Solution
The easiest solution without rooting your phone and risking bricking it while installing a custom rom is to download one of the many tethering apps on your phone (I recommend PDAnet by June Fabrics, they have been building this app for years and years, and its the only one i know works without a headache) I got my phone set up as a wifi adapter within 5 minutes and am using it currently leveraging my home wifi and no cell data from my phone. Just goto the Play Store on your phone and look for "PDAnet" by June Fabrics, then on your PC install the drivers / software found on June Fabrics ( + /android/downloadold.php) . Their app couldnt be any easier to use and configure. It will walk you through everything you need to do. I would imagine other phones with different versions of android might work like my buddies without any extra software or headache, but apparently some cell providers are forcing this account verification deal and disabling wifi while using usb debugging.
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Jul 12, 2018
Pretty sure on PC it is a WIRED connection not wifi wifi pard is having phone connected to in home wifi. Internet wizard is wired Ethernet connection


Oct 30, 2017
Santo Ângelo/RS
its so funny that ppl cant understand that he wants to make the wifi driver of the android device as a REAL wifi adapter, that u can connect the network on your windows on the WIFI settings, not tethering from the phone already connected. Fr he makes it clear...


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Sep 7, 2023
I can't believe how dumb these guys. After all that years I want to clarify this topic.

You just want to use your phone's wifi card, like a USB device. And this is absolutely not possible in easy way.

Look, you must find a driver from depths of web (almost impossible) - which can seperate your Wifi Card from your device and connect it to your pc via phone motherboard's interface. Or you must create your own bootable application for your mobile phone - Which Your device can boot as only Wifi Card Adapter, PLUS to that it must be able to connect with USB to your pc. (It would seem like phone's download mode).
So able to do these two, you must be quite skillful software engineer or advanced coder. For a normal person this is impossible, my friend.

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    okay well I have a droid 3 so there aren't any roms out for it and when I try a wifi tether app from the market it disables your wifi

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    Okay, so basically what you're going to be doing is using your phone as a USB WiFi dongle. To do this, follow these instructions VERY carefully.

    1) Assuming that you are already rooted (via z4root, Gingerbreak, or some other means), search for "EasyTether Lite" on the Android Market and download it.

    2) Go into Settings>Wireless & Networks

    3) Uncheck the box that says "Mobile Network", "3G", "Mobile Data" or something along those lines.

    4) Check the box that says "WiFi" and connect to the desired network.

    5) Now, download and install the drivers you need for EasyTether to work with your computer here (note that you are going to do this from your computer and not your phone):

    6) Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and open the EasyTether app. Enable tethering and with a little bit of magic and fairy dust, you should now have a connection on your computer.

    Good luck mate.
    solution without additional software while having cyanogenmod

    This works with cyanogenmod10 out of the box. Probably also possible with cm7/cm9 too.
    Connect phone via cable to pc, connect phone to wifi, enable "USB-Tethering" (Settings -> Tethering/Hotspot), let OS detect the new device, done.

    I know this thread has no activity since over a year, but if anybody finds this page like me while searching for this topic, I could be helpful for him knowing a method without using additional software while having cyanogenmod.
    Turn your data off and turn on your WiFi, connect to the desired network and try to tether via usb to your phone. This should hopefully bridge your connection if you have an aosp ROM. I'm not sure about sense, as I've never tried it on a sense ROM before.

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    Use phone as wireless adapter for pc

    just connect to wifi network in android and connect that android to pc with data cable and enable usb tether in android phone
    Just some questions...

    OK GUYS. thnx for the usefull info.

    Now i wanna say that suppose we have this wifi dongle for connecting to computer..(see photo attached) we use this for connecting WIFI to our PC's. RIGHT???

    NOW i wanna ask if it is possible that we can use our phone instead of this ""DONGLE"" as wifi signal catcher. NEITHER USB NOR WIFI TETHERING(like easy tether lite or many other options available on XDA.) [people are actually asking for "THIS OPTION" so we don't have to spend another 20-30 bucks but they ends up with USB or WIFI tether)

    we connect our phone to PC and Search for WIFI Signals on PC... NOT on the phone itself.

    please guys, if any one know how to do this then please share. OR please tell if it is possible or not..