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Question Use the Chinese Version of the Realme GT 5G RMX2202 without "My Realme" (avoid big brother)?

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Sep 10, 2021
Hello from Germany! 🍻

(unfortauntly) I just bought a RealMe GT 5G in blue with 12GB/256GB from China (cect shop) for a very good price and awesome specs. (Those specs are not available for the global EU version, right?)

What I didnt know, was that the Chinese version (RMX2202) requires me to "register" myself and "verify my identity" to install an app from F-Droid and also other apps...

So I understand: Big brother must be watching and I don't like it.

I read the thread about removing the Chinese Apps

Bloatware list to disable for Realme GT Neo

and also all pages of this one (fantastic thread btw!)

Realme GT Convert China ROM to Global

On the last pages I've read that some of you are switching back to the CN ROM after flashing the global ROM, because a few things don't work in the global ROM. So I am not sure if I should do it..

Now the question:
Is there a way to use the CN Version without the RealMe verfiy thingi / big brother? Of course wait until we get linage for the device..

Sending it back to china and getting my money back might be difficult. I think about selling this phone and buy myself a EU Version with 8GB/128GB from the official Realme Shop. What's your opinion on this?

Looking forward to your help!


Fun/Scary fact:
I ordered the phone from cect and after I've inserted my simcard, I received a whatsapp message from a chinese number +86 saying that they need a pickup from the airport in Berlin (capital city of Germany). Obviously just a message to see if its a real phone number.. I don't live in Berlin nor know somebody who has to get picked up from the airport in Berlin...very interesting.


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