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Used phone without pin code details

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Feb 27, 2009
I've recently (thankfully without too much of a cost) bought a used Huawei Honor 8S phone.

I didn't get any details about the phone's previous owner (yes, I know that sounds dodgy AF) and have obviously come up against pin code verification issues, meaning i've got myself a very light-weight brick and being a 6 digit number, this would take a couple of lifetimes to crack

I have tried contacting Huawei (i'd make a terrible criminal), asking them if they could contact the original owner, so I could swap details but without any luck.

Of course, I can understand their position on this but I really don't think the phone was stolen and I certainly wouldn't have contacted them via my real email had I thought this was the case.

Anyway, I would of course like to get the phone going again. Is there any legitimate way of doing this or am I wasting my time?

My current phone (HTC One M9) hasn't allowed me to access the google play store for a couple of years now, neither will it connect to the internet via giffgaff, although it works fine from my home router.

Anyway, I thought the Huawei would be a fine replacement that wasn't too crap to be worth bothering with.

I'm not particularly technical but any help would be greatly appreciated.