Using 3rd party launchers

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Dec 9, 2010
I'm on the exynos model. I find that using Nova or any other launcher as default results in lag returning to the home screen. It returns just fine but it does this strange transparent blink before the home screens become responsive to touch again. One can't swipe or click an icon for a very brief but noticeable moment.

This problem is even present when using One UI but it is less pronounced. You can replicate this on Samsung's own launcher by swiping to home and immediately tapping an app icon to open that and swipe home again rapidly and tapping another icon to open that. This must be done very fast, but not in an unrealistic way. I found myself quickly swiping home and hitting the next app I wanna open and it is as though it didn't register my press! This happens all the time. And my older less capable devices do not exhibit this behaviour. They are not Samsungs of course.

This 'effect' is far worse when using other launchers. I've disabled double tap to sleep to see if that fixes it and I've tried disabling gestures and both steps failed. Does anyone know any solutions? Or is experiencing this same problem?