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Using Wide Aperature on the Honor 6X

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Using Wide Aperature on the Honor 6X
Taking wide aperture photos can produce images with a shallow depth of field. Recommended for taking photos of people or objects within 2 meters. To use the wide aperture mode on the Honor 6X, select the shutter icon at the top of your screen in your camera app.

You can adjust the size of your aperture from F 16 to F 0.95 by sliding the scale up or down. Refocus by taping different spots on your screen. Aperture size and focus can also be changed after your photo is taken.

Apply filters while adjusting your image.

The wide aperture mode is very simple to use after you get the hang of it. If you have used other phones with dual camera setups then you're probably familiar with how it works. The feature seems to be on part with other phones that have the same ability.