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Sep 21, 2009
Okay, so I've unlocked the bootloader, and I've installed CWM as my recovery (someone had an updated one for 3.14.651.0 710RD)

But how do I actually go about obtaining root?

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Nevermind.. got root..

Have a link to the thread or file? i cant wait to rip out the "Sprint Zone" ****.


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Jan 31, 2012
hello im a new member can anybody give me the link to download htc super tool

hello im a new member can anybody give me the link to download htc super tool.
that link is not working


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Oct 7, 2012
How to root the Wildfire S? I can't install cwm because it gets stuck at the htc logo screen, one click rooters don't work, already tried flashing recovery.img though fastboot, all failing. Any ideas? Thanks
did you take any responsible if i do that? :p i just take the htc drivers. for connecting to adb. thanks for your information :rolleyes:

that would be no. if you root the device, you take any and all liability since YOU are the one doing it. if he or she physically was working on it, and bricked it beyond repair, then yes. Otherwise, no.


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Jul 27, 2009
i did the root for my Desire hd and when i reboot the superuser disappears and the root is not working anymore. Is there any solution for that?!!


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Jan 2, 2011
well i had updated to ics and it still rooted it then reboot borked it. i shall try to ruu back to stock tonight if it works, hopefully i can root it again (my design that is)

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Nov 19, 2011
Superuser window disappears

No matter what I do, the Superuser window comes up, launches IE, and then closes. I get no menu, no error messages, nothing. I have no clue why. Is it a problem with the computer, or the phone?
No matter what I do, the Superuser window comes up, launches IE, and then closes. I get no menu, no error messages, nothing. I have no clue why. Is it a problem with the computer, or the phone?

If you are having problems with ie opening when a command prompt should be displayed, then you are most likely to have a problem with the computer.


Oct 28, 2010
Clovis, NM
A heads up to anyone just now finding this thread. You must have the original release ROM or the very first security update released two days after launch (1.19.651.0 -OR- 1.19.651.1) to use this method. If you have the v2.x (security) or 3.x (ICS) updates, you CANNOT root with this tool. Anyone looking to root on any of the newer software versions must unlock their bootloader and flash recovery/superuser to get root. Most of this is mentioned in the first post.

I am successfully unlocked through HTC Dev.
kingdom pvt ship s-on
hboot 1.30.0000

I rooted and played around with my old HTC Aria alot, but there were good step-by-step instructions for getting started there. Can any one point me to links/directions for flashing recovery/superuser?

I apologize, i'm pretty much a noob. from this site (http://2fastroms.com/showthread.php...sign(Sprint)-after-SV3-14-651-071ORD-hb-1-30&) i found the CWM for the Design. I am not sure if this is the only file i need and what to do with it.

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Dec 20, 2012
Bury St Edmunds
Great root, just not giving me token id :/

On my Wildfire it just says copy and paste the code below. It doesn't actually give me one, any reason why? But thanks as well. It was the only thing ive used which was capable of rooting my Wildfire :)

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    @eFrigid on twitter for updates
    #team-acs on irc.freenode.net for Support!

    Thank you Evil DevNull for the Evil icon! And for being a cool ass dude

    Revolutionary for the zergRush exploit
    Jcase for the TacoRoot if zergRush doesn't work <- Haven't tested

    Will work for most HTC Devices not just the HTC Evo Design 4g!
    If it works/doesnt for your HTC device post here and I will add what devices work and don't work!


    Step 1: Make sure drivers are installed!
    Step 2: Make sure USB Debugging is enabled
    Step 3: Un-Zip
    Step 4: Click on the SuperTool.exe
    Step 5: Enjoy!

    Files are found here!
    ACS HTC Super Tool

    Personally tested on HTC Evo Design 4g
    Let me know if it works on your phone and I will make a list again!

    Changelog and useful links on post #2

    For v2

    Added Unroot option

    For v1.5

    Updated zergRush exploit!
    Updated SU files
    Cleaned up script
    moved market update to it's own option.

    NEW TOOL v1.0

    Changes in SS

    For v2.1

    Minor fix from root and reboot triggers

    For v2

    De Sense works (Disables HTC Sense for a more vanilla android/keeps the Sense lockscreen though
    Re Sense works (Re-Enables HTC Sense)
    Virtous OC daemon (I ported to Design to Overclock to 1.4 ghz on stock kernel)
    Fixed Wifi Tether again thanks to psyv01 at XDA
    Cleaned the script a little bit

    For v1.5
    removed market updater option (Now updates market via root option
    s-off is still just a placeholder (sorry guys)
    De Sense option added (Freezes all HTC Sense apps to make a more vanilla android feel - Will be functioning on v2)
    Re Sense option added (Want it back? here you go - Will function on v2)
    reboot option added (No longer reboots after root option. remember to use this before exiting script)
    wireless tether app updated (hopefully fixes the issues some people were having)
    SALLEBALL from the Legend forums has managed to find a copy of HTC Super Tool v3 lying around on his computer. He's uploaded it here. See the original thread here, all credit to him.
    Sigh... I hate not knowing what I'm doing. I used the 2.1 version to root my phone, and everything seemed to work. Then I did the wireless tether exploit, and the app comes up on my phone. But I can't get it to work. I can get my computer to connect to my phone, but no internet access. Anyone have and suggestions or help? Would the new HTC super tool be of any help to me? Thanks.

    Go into the apps settings and enable Routing Fix.

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    No problem

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