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I made a little app to change the bootanim of your phone:
Download Full Version with BootAnim : bootanim_changer_install.exe
Only works on Windows and contains nearly 400 bootanim therefore 1.6GB.

Mirror (Thank k1ll3r8e)
Torrent 1 (Thank ayongkot)
Torrent 2 (Thank moose392)

Download Light Version with only one BootAnim : bootanim_changer_install_light.exe
60Mo. Executable only

Download New version with choice of uncompressed ZIP in resize : (Exe only) bootanim_changer_install_V2.exe

French & English.
You can send the bootanim in ADB if you enable debug or create a zip and flash it.
You can also resize the image or the display to correspond to your resolutions.
You can add your own animations, just create a directory in "bootanimations" program and put the bootanimation.zip file there.
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