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Jun 12, 2008

What drivers (for Windows XP) do i have to install before using this app ?
Thanks in advance for you answers! I have a HTC Desire.
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Apr 2, 2012
Eroor,your phone requires an ENG bootloader

i try to instal e ruu official rom bat hanged in setup and hanged on ruu mode for setup again with ruu

i cant go into the fast boot ...


bravo pvt4 ship s-off

any idea??

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    Android Flasher needs you!

    Are you an experienced Android user?
    We need people to update the Pro database for each device, this means the radio/bootloader/recovery for each device. PM me for more details.
    This also includes HTC Magic, Samsung Galaxy S and S II, Motorola Atrix, and Sony Xperia Play.

    S-OFF is essential with ENG hboot

    Multiple flashes without closing the application.
    Deletes all used files leaving you with nothing more than what you had to start with.
    Fully automatic, users only need to create a splash image or locate a recovery, hboot, or radio img.
    Unified interface.
    Coded entirely in C#
    Now supports BMP, PNG, and JPEG images. Not just BMP like NBIMG.
    Usable on your Desire, Desire Z, Desire HD, EVO 4g, EVO 3D, Desire S, Incredible S, Thunderbolt or Sensation.
    The application checks image dimensions and the file sizes of splash images to prevent any errors.

    Requirements for use:
    USB debugging enabled.
    HTC and Fastboot/Hboot drivers must be installed.
    Windows with .net 4.0
    Splash image, recovery img, hboot img or radio img. (not required for donate version)

    What the application does:
    This application flashes the specific parts of your device, ie. Bootloader, Recovery, Splash screen, and Radio.
    It has taken many hours and much extensive research and testing on multiple devices to make a straightforward, efficient and reliable program to offer you the freedom in device customisation you are otherwise denied.
    The app allows you to quickly customise your device in a way that is simple and alot goes on behind the scenes to guarantee you don't get caught with error messages.
    The splash screen is the image before the boot animation, (by default the white HTC logo.) With this application you can change it in under a minute.

    Credits to SA7039 for assistance and Google for fastboot, adb and dlls.

    Android Flasher Splash Database Upload Tool
    (like imageshack but just for splash screens)

    Search the DB using:

    Got problems? Want to request features? Submit them here.

    Donate - Added auto-login.
    Donate - Added another "Download Archive" button for convienence.
    Donate - Fixed a few exceptions.
    Donate - Fixed some downloads.
    Donate - Auto sort list by version.
    Donate - Bigger image displayed on hover of image/splash.
    Reworked flashing selection page.
    Reworked about page.
    Reduced timers from 7 to 2.
    MessageBoxes for errors.
    MessageBoxes on detection of S-ON and non-ENG bootloader.
    Fixed backgroundworker on the flashing process.
    Added "Errors/Requests" menu item under help.
    Cleaned up code.
    Added news page.
    Added other devices for ALL other devices.
    Added progress bar for initial downloads.
    Added Wildfire S support.
    All images are now resized for your device :).
    Donate - Added download browser, contains an archive of radios, recoveries, hboots and splashes.
    Donate - Official release.
    Added: EVO 3D, Incredible S, Desire S and Thunderbolt.
    Added recent device display as the first button.
    Updated pictures to be higher quality.
    Fixed redo progress bug.
    Added WiMax
    Fixed a device bug that affected everything except for the Desire and Sensation.
    Fixed checkboxes
    Added 'Already in fastboot' button
    Rewrote logging
    Fixed donate button ;)
    Added update notifications
    Auto downloads data folder
    Added path conversion to unicode, should help with localisation.
    Added Desire HD and EVO 4g support.
    Added Device list pages - moved DHD to second page with EVO 4G.
    MsgBox for invalid splash image dimensions
    Image displays in the center when selected
    When you unselect a checkbox, it says 'No file selected.'
    Menu button added in the file menu
    Label changed Z/HD
    Added 'Donate' button ;)
    Now verifies that the splash img file is the correct size for flashing
    Brand new, recoded entirely from the ground up.
    Supports multiple devices, and image extensions.

    Please consider donating :).


    With Download Browser for all supported devices:

    Click here!
    How is the bmp supposed to be configured?
    For those of you trying to flash a splash screen and getting an error saying ...

    splash1.bmp: No such file or directory
    error: cannot load 'splash1.img'

    you're probably being a bit too eager.

    I found that when you select your picture and it appears in a box asking is this image correct "yes / no" if you wait a few seconds (10/15 secs) then click on yes it works pretty much all the time.

    Was annoying me when I kept getting the error message, but this seems to work for me.

    (just a suggestion)
    Coming soon:
    Android Flasher Pro (Donate edition)
    With Download Browser.

    2.0 is out.
    It took over a day of programming to get this release out. ;)