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[Utility] Android Image Kitchen & Flasher APK

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Jan 3, 2014
I see you opened a new thread instead of renaming this one; If you're done with this thread you could ask a moderator to close it. :good:

And I see that you intervene in matters that do not relate to you , and this is none of your business , sir, and you can ask modurator to close it . OK:what:
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    Hi all , I'm new here and I would like to present to you this simple application which backup, edit, repack and flash kernel.img or recovery img with a single click.:cowboy:
    This apk need root.

    All credit of unpak/repack tools used in my apk are to @osm0sis
    Well, this is a beta version of my apk, only for testing, I use @osm0sis tools ,this doesn't mean that you have bad luck my friend, this is due to the limitation of @osm0sis tools, but I will find another way to make it universal apk. Okay ;)

    The scope of my tools is for Google's Android image standard as defined in the bootimg.h header from AOSP/CM. My tool forks have the widest support available for images which are standards compliant, supporting all commonly used ramdisk compression formats.

    Supporting Sony's ELF, MTK's labeled and Samsung's headerless image formats along with the standard images (not to mention Samsung's and others' various deviations based on the standard header) and having the script/app differentiate between them would be a very large and difficult undertaking indeed. If that's your plan then I wish you the best of luck in your efforts. :)
    hey, ran more tests.
    no issues with the dtb or other functions either.
    backup and flash functions working fine too.

    here, for your devices.xml

       <!-- Desire 816 a5 (710C) added by bigsupersquid -->

    thanks for your work.
    eagerly awaiting your open source as well ;)
    Thank you my friend , you are the only one who supported me , and from the beginning.

    it's a useful project, definitely worth a little testing and feedback.
    besides, i remember what a pain it was getting my xda account eligible for posting the project i was all gung-ho about sharing (optimus v boot from sd card if i remember correctly)
    sharing is cool, but a lot of the feedback tends to be annoying when there's no logs or other usable information, just "it's broken" or "can you implement for me on device XYZ."
    I release AIK&Flasher v2 , I use @xiaolu unpack/repack tools.