V20 Declining Charge Rate

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May 4, 2017
Rooted H910, running de-bloated stock image

Last week, while reading news sites in a lobby, my phone got extremely hot. Also, battery percentage dropped like a rock - like from 70% to 35% in less than 10 minutes.
I shut the phone down, pulled the battery, and allowed to cool.

On reboot, I went through the Apps list, and Force Stopped everything - even disabling Chrome.

When plugged into my travel charger (QC 3.0), the phone reported that it was "charging slowly - use the charger and cable provided with the phone".
Charge rate was agonizingly slow. May 2% in 10 minutes.

Later, I tried the QC 3.0 in my vehicle, and still later I tried the other QC chargers and Fast chargers I have at my house.
In all cases, it reported it was charging slowly.
It was, however, still charging - albeit very slowly.

I dug out my factory LG charger and cable. Same result.
In fact with the phone off, it reports the factory charger and cable are incompatible with the phone.
[see image 1]

I swapped my battery to another LG V20 phone. The battery charged normally in the other phone.
My phone still charged slowly with the other battery.

Over the weekend, I tried Clearing Cache / Dalvic.
On reboot from that, it would no longer charge. It still reported charging slowly, but battery percent would drop while plugged in.

Per this thread, I tried Doing Port / Battery / Charge Tests.
[see images 2 & 3]

No improvement. Battery level still declines while plugged in.

If I start with a fully charged battery, battery usage appears normal.

Anything other suggestions to try before calling LG?


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