V3.90 Debloater(Lets remove all that carrier bloat !! Root not required..)

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Feb 7, 2017
Vivo X60 Pro
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Jun 5, 2020
Any reason why Debloater would only show one package when trying Read Device Packages? This is running Debloater 2018 version as Administrator on a Windows 10 PC. It connects to the phone OK. I've tried it on 2 Android 9 phones and what it lists looks like just the final package alphabetically. One shows Velvet and the other Youtube.


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Jun 4, 2017
Using a Galaxy S8 here. Debloater shows me three green lights at the bottom. I get the warning:

Your device does not support block mode. We will disable/hide your packages instead of blocking them.

However, after I click on "Read Device Packages", the button text disappears. Then after about 1/2 a second, the Read Device Packages text reappears and nothing seems to have changed.

I just installed the executables linked on the first page of this thread. Do I need to update or something, or am I out of luck.

Thanks for all your tireless work.
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Jun 4, 2017
Bump...almost two months and no reply. I did get it to manage to display the package list once, but it quickly disappeared, and now...nothing. When the USB notification appears on the phone, I switch the "USB Controlled By" setting to "Connected device". However., it keeps switching back to "This phone".

Does anyone at least have a clue where I should start to troubleshoot?

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    Debloater by Gatesjunior

    I nor XDA are responsible for anything that you choose to do with this program to your device or others. Modifying my code or redistributing it is not allowed without prior approval from me. Yes, that includes Kanging it, I will be able to tell. Neither is trying to use any of my code to create an apk file with my code logic allowed without prior approval from me.

    "If this application helps you out, please consider a small monetary donation to further improve development of this application. You can Donate by clicking the "Donate to Me" button on your left, underneath my Profile picture.

    So after many times of going back and forth blocking / disabling apps on my devices through the command line and or shell, I decided to write a program to make this all much easier for myself. Well, after I got it all finally running and doing what I wanted, for each particular device I own, I decided that his was a pretty nice program and I wanted to share it with the community. After all, this community is where I started and learned a lot of the things I know today. So why not share with my family of Android enthusiasts.

    The program requires that your manufacturer USB drivers are installed for your specific device as well as the following:
    • Windows Operating System
    • USB Debugging turned on for your device
    • Root or KitKat and above running on your device

    Some people have had trouble getting their PC to see their device, even with the device manufacturer drivers installed. Watch your device when you plug it in and authorize your computer to access it, the device should display a popup something for you to grant access to the PC. If it does not, go into Settings, Developer Options and look for an option that says something about Revoke USB debugging authorizations and tap it. Click ok. Now, unplug your device and plug it in while watching your device and click on the option to always allow this computer and then grant when the popup window displays.

    What does it do?:
    • Block / Disable applications on your device
    • UnBlock / Enable applications on your device
    • Allow UnBlock / Enable all applications at once on your device
    • Allows filtering of the displayed packages for quicker decision making
    • Allows exporting your blocked / unblocked listing to a file (Right click on Read Device Packages after list is loaded)
    • Allows importing your blocked, or someone else's, listing (Right click on Read Device Packages after list is loaded)
    • Allows complete removal of application(s) if you have root (It will backup the original folder structure and apk for you, just in case you need to restore the application(s) back to your device.

    So, essentially what it does is this. It will disable / block any system and third party application on your device with ease and allow you to enable / unblock the application just as easy. It also reads everything, real-time, directly from your device, so that there are no messy batch files, scripts and txt files, etc. that you have to maintain and keep track of for every device you own. I mean let’s be honest, most of us own more than one device. Phones, tablets, etc. Who wants to maintain all those scripts and files for every device? The other nice thing that this program does is allow you to, at a granular level, control what is blocked/disabled and what is not. There are quite a few scripts and things like this available in the community that give everyone a start on what to disable/block, but who wants to scour through these scripts and decide what they want or don’t want with something someone else put together. The other nice feature of the program is it will display information for you about your device. Such as Model number, Serial number and battery status. As well as whether or not your device is rooted or not.

    What audience of device does it support?:
    This program supports many devices. It will support any device running KitKat or above, whether rooted or not. That’s right, if your running KitKat or above, your device does not need to be rooted. If you’re running anything other than KitKat or above, your device does need to be rooted. As long as these requirements are met the program will run. The program will also auto-detect whether or not your device is supported. So if you are not sure, plug it in and let the program tell you. If your device is not supported, it will put up a message saying as much and close the program.

    Program Functionality:
    The first thing you need to make sure of is that USB debugging is turned on for your device. The video at the end of this OP is a must to watch. It will describe this process as well as allowing adb shell permissions.
    So when you first connect your device you will need to wait for the program to detect your device and whether or not it is supported. Once this is established, usually within a couple of seconds, it will display a warning message to you reminding you to be careful with what you disable and block. Yes, it will allow you, if your device is supported, to disable/block even system dependent applications. This message will also include, if your device does not support block mode, a message indicating that block mode is not supported and that it will disable the applications. Here is a sample screenshot of this.


    Once the program has initialized, and the warning message has been presented, it will put you into the main program screen itself which will look like the following.


    From here the first thing you need to do is click the Read Device Packages button on the upper left. This will initiate the process to start reading all of the applications on your device and then list them in a list in the window. It will also indicate to you what it detects as applications that are already disabled/blocked on your device by putting a checkmark in the box next to the application. It will look similar to this.


    As you can see it will tell you in the upper right how many applications it detects as blocked and not blocked. You will notice that on the bottom left it has an indicator that is labeled Synced. As you make changes to the device application listing this will turn red. In other words, it will indicate whether you have made changes to the device application listing since the last sync. Also, in the upper right there is a counter labeled Changed. This indicates the number of changes you have made to the device application listing since last sync.

    Once you have made any changes to the device application listing an Apply button will show up in the upper left replacing the existing Read Device Packages button, it will look like the following.


    Once you click the Apply button the existing changes you made to the device application listing will be applied to your device. Keep in mind that you can disable/block and enable/unblock applications all at the same timeand then apply those changes to your device. After you have applied the changes to your device a message will be displayed stating the status of your changes as seen below.


    Once the changes are applied to your device you now just click the Read Device Packages button again to reload the information from your device and you will now notice that the application(s) you just made changes to will indicate as much in the refreshed listing. As seen below.


    You will notice that the particular application I asked it to disable/block has now a check mark next to it indicating that the device itself has disabled/blocked this application.

    So now on to filtering. Lets say you want to limit the listing to specific items you are searching for within the package name. Like packages that contain "vzw" for Verizon. You will see below by clicking the filter checkbox and then typing in what I want to filter on, it will limit the list to your specific filter criteria immediately.


    And here is the results of our filter below.


    From here I can make changes to the listing, by checking the box next to the packages or I can simply uncheck the filter checkbox and return back to the full listing unfiltered.

    O.k., so far so good. Now let’s say that you want to enable/unblock all the applications on your device. Maybe you’re selling it or maybe you have an issue with it and you want your carrier to take a look at it. By clicking the Unblock All Packages button and then click Apply this will enable/unblock all applications on your device. As if it is back to factory with no changes made.

    Remove mode turned on. For all you root users, this will completely remove the application(s) in the exact same manner and will keep a backup for you in the install folder under Backup of the original apk files. They will also be kept in the original file structure they came from on the device so that it will make it easy for you if you have to push one back to your device. Here is an example of the remove mode turned on and the warning you will receive when it is active for the device that is rooted.


    Also, after you have removed the application(s) you want, if you Reload Device Packages again, you will notice them in the list and checked. This is in fact accurate, it sees them as removed / uninstalled. To not have them show up in the list any longer, just reboot your phone and run the program again and you will see that they no longer show up in the listing.

    Sharing your blocked list or re-import it to your device:
    So there are times when you get a replacement device and do not want to have to go through all the pain remembering what you had blocked. Well to the rescue comes the export/import functionality of the application. This will allow you to export and import your blocked list. You also might want to share it with someone. So this is how it works:

    Once you launched the program and have clicked the Read Device Packages and your list is up, you can right click on the Read Device Packages button and export the blocked packages to a file and share it. Then the person receiving it just does the same process, but when they right click on the Read Device Packages, they just choose import blocked packages and then click the Apply button. Done.. You of course can do this yourself to your device. This can come in very handy if you have to Wipe Data, because you blocked something you should not have and your device is experiencing issues.

    Well community people that is it. I hope you enjoy the program as much as I do and look forward to your feedback. Gatesjunior signing out…

    Full Install:
    Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjfH26Z4pHaFk1V8rA5Zj_p5vtkx

    Upgrade Install: (Just replace debloater.exe in your "C:program Files (x86)DebloaterDebloater" folder)
    Download link: http://rootjunkysdl.com/?device=Gates&folder=DeBloater

    OSX Version (dmg file): Thank @eyekyu for the port over with Wineskin..
    Download link: http://rootjunkysdl.com/?device=Gates&folder=DeBloater
    Mirror: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=8576a478a6dbc737!831

    Video by our own RootJunky:


    RootJunky - For finding the original KitKat weakness
    Misterxtc - For all of his hard work already on helping people with a script process for this purpose
    Er. Aditya - For testing with me and going back and forth with builds to finally resolve the no packages issue

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Debloater, Tool/Utility for the Android General


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 3.85
    Stable Release Date: 2015-02-07

    Created 2015-02-07
    Last Updated 2018-01-12
    Change Log:

    01/09/2015: Initial Release

    01/10/2015: Updated the handling of application filtering determining what is disabled / blocked

    01/11/2015: Updated application (v2.1) to hopefully help address the local Administrator issues

    01/12/2015: Major update v2.8 (Fixes all the users not being able to see packages - Xposed Framework fix)

    1/13/2015: (v2.9) Fixed an issue with an Out of Bounds Exception in certain cases.

    1/15/2015: (v2.10) Complete rewrite of the filter engine, all interactive and immediate now. Also some cleanup.

    1/16/2015: (v3.0) Root mode added with ability to completely remove application(s), with backup feature.

    1/17/2015: (V3.1) Added new intro screen as well as import blocked list functionality.

    1/18/2015: (V3.2) Added some hover helper text. If you hover over a major item it will display helper text.

    1/19/2015: (V3.3) Fixed some more Xposed framework issues that would impact rooted users and removing packages as well as fixed some import logic to make it more reliable and optimized.

    1/23/2015: (V3.4) Major update and bug fixes as follows:

    •Interactive search now also supports searching through the package name(s) as well as the apk file(s)
    •Bugs related to duplicate entries showing up when you Read Device Packages multiple times with filter on and off are fixed. This could have caused issues with some users saying it will not remove something.
    •Blocking mode fully supported on 4.4.x, found a major bug that was preventing this with rooted devices
    •APK file backups now include Odex files if they exist with the APK
    •Remove option now completely removes both apk and odex, so yes, previous builds would have left the odex files behind. They will not hurt anything, but take up space. I will release a quick fix for the cleanup of those soon, if you cannot do it yourself.
    •Buttons appearing where they should not at times with filter is fixed
    •If you have disabled something on the phone itself or in a script, and are rooted, the program will not care any longer and will unblock them anyway.

    (1/31/2015: (V3.5) Major logic update. I think I finally put a nail in the coffin with the Xposed Framework issues and removing applications. Also added the functionality where once you import a blocked list all the items will turn red for the changes it has made.

    (2/6/2015): V3.6 Quite a few additional options. Including the following:
    Ability to only show blocked packages, unblocked packages and all packages. (Just right click on either Read Device Packages button or Apply button after initial package listing is displayed.)
    Ability to right click now on not only the Read Device Packages button, but also the Apply button.
    Ability to import unblocked listing (Yes, changes will be made red to identify what would be unblocked before Applying)
    Ability to sort by either APK Filename or Package Name and be able to sort in either Ascending order or Descending order in each area.
    Complete removal of all associated data and folders that pertains to a package if the Remove option is selected (Root Mode only)

    (2/7/2015): V3.7 Added a checkbox identifier on Display mode to let users know which Display Mode they are in currently.
    ------ (Fix was placed into this build later that fixes the UnBlock All Packages button bug..)

    (3/28/2015): V3.8 Added Lollipop support for rooted / non-rooted users. It will now support hiding the packages, if you are rooted it will disable them instead. Also, you will notice if you right click on the Read Device Packages after it loads there is also a Backup / Restore menu option. Do not use those yet, I am still working on them.

    (4/4/2015): V3.85 Fixed issue with base.apk flags being read incorrectly from device. Logic issue.

    (4/12/2015): Updated a logic issue in the detection of the device and it's abilities. Same release number, v3.85

    (5/24/2015): Fixed an issue during import of a blocked list that would flag all "base.apk" files..

    (1/7/2018): Added newer Android Debug Bridge Files..
    Im in the same boat- I get this error when I try using the adb shell hide command or use this app. Im on an LG X Power Marshmallow. Is this not supported on newer OS?

    I know guys, unfortunately Android has prevented packages from being manipulated from an adb stand point, but I have not given up.
    Great application but not working on my Droid Razr M (XT907) with latest OTA firmware on it.
    Pressing "Read Device Packages" and nothing comes up.

    Try this one and let me know: