V60 demo unit with retail mode removed , in partially rooted state? Any way to fully root? for camera improvement.

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May 23, 2010
I was recently playing with the idea of modifying certain camera profiles to improve camera performance.

With a demo unit with retail mode removed it appears I can manage to at least view the root directory/files and subfolders like /etc by using Root Browser. I cannot alter files though like delete or change permissions. I can view and copy camera_profiles.XML but cannot alter it. I can edit a copy, but that's about it. I believe it may be possible , if properly rooted to edit at the camera profiles, for at least video to improve quality. The stock camera app only allows low bitrate video. Other apps will allow high bitrate with custom profiles even with 8K video like Freedcam. With this app you can get high bitrate 8K video with customizing profiles with the v60. It also may be possible to get better 64MP stills or maybe even raw by modifying some files
Anyone have any input?