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[v7.5] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [ATV 7.1.2] (Lag & Bloat Free, Pre Rooted, Samba & Miracast) [TV NETFLIIX] 2021 Update!

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Nov 19, 2011
First of all I want to thank you for this great ROM. I have a vmade a9 s905x and it had very lagging stock firmware , i tried the universal version of your rom but it's doesn't burned so i tried m16 version and Atvx special MXQ build, they are booting but without detect wifi networks and with a little lagging .
So How we can solve it?
no way i know to solve this unfortunatley


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Dec 3, 2010
i have mkworld (mkpro s7mini) s912 3gb ram 32 gb storage.
i flashed atv9 and now i have red light.
how can i fix it ?
can i flash 7.1.2 in my android box?


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Aug 12, 2021
Hi aidan,
I have MXQ Pro 4k with S905X based processor (p212 or p201) and shipped with stock 6.0.1 android rom.
Then,I decided to use your rom because it looks promising and better.
The only issue is the big input latency & the 3 usb port on the side of the box not working (that 1 port on the back worked fine btw) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ .Then I tried to reboot to twrp recovery and the issue still persist. So its the kernel fault i guess...

anyway here all the logs you need and doesn't need.


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Nov 19, 2011
Hi aidan,
I have MXQ Pro 4k with S905X based processor (p212 or p201) and shipped with stock 6.0.1 android rom.
Then,I decided to use your rom because it looks promising and better.
The only issue is the big input latency & the 3 usb port on the side of the box not working (that 1 port on the back worked fine btw) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ .Then I tried to reboot to twrp recovery and the issue still persist. So its the kernel fault i guess...

anyway here all the logs you need and doesn't need.
i suspect its DTB that caused some USB ports to not be seen not sure about the input latency though :)


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Nov 18, 2017
i flashed my MXQ Pro(G9CX) S905X box with your 7.4 rom,but now I don't have the option to flash another rom,only things i can do is to boot v7.4 rom,no recovery no bootloader,nothing...Tried with usb burning tool,burn card maker,reset+power still nothing.
The system is booting, the box is working, but I want to flesh another rom.
How to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.


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May 24, 2018
I have a Streambus X6 SAT Motherboard Amlogic / P231 / P231: 7.1.2 / NHG47L / 20200511: User / Release-Keys with DVB-S2.
DVB-S2 will work on your firmware?


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Dec 16, 2019
I discovered this ROM by chance, and installed it on my old and useless tvbox. I have not been able to test it and I comment why.

The first version was 7.5 Universal.

The remote control of the old box does not work the up key and I can not write any text on keyboard box: wifi password, any search on tv streaming platform...

I have tried also the 7.5 MXQ version. With this version the remote control does not move in any direction, however with the wireless control I have not had any problem, but I continue with the problem that I can not write at keyboard screen for the same reason as with the previous one.

I wanted to try another version, but isn't possible because the TVBOX is not recognized by the USB any more at burning tool, and when I perform the process, the box start directrly in the rom, but not in flash mode.

I tried to reboot to Recovery with option on apps installed, but when I reboot, it starts again the rom without running the flash/recovery mode.

I think the recovery may be corrupted, and my question is if it is possible to install a new recovery without PC to be able to install a new ROM?

This TVBOX has a reset button but it has never worked, however when I tried to connect by USB to the computer on the first instalation 7.4 universal version, I used the flash without problem with usb tool that Aidan reccomended 2.20, until this moment that does not work anymore.

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Sep 14, 2014
I want to ask you regarding your ROM with version:

7. [v8] Aidan's ROM [S905X3] [ATV 9] (X96 Max Plus 2) 4-32GB [Clock Fix Thanks XDA-asegura074].img​

I have the same TV box, but my storage is 64GB not 32GB. Can I flash the above version?

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    If someone gets into a problem like me, just connect these two dots,and you are in rom mask mode.
    "Sorry i dont think it will, think your S905D"
    Thanks. The firmware got up well. But the tuner is not defined. But it is still better than it was.
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    Aidan's Custom Android TV 7.1.2 ROM
    UPDATED: 10/02/2021

    Netflix For Android TV!

    This is version 7.5 of my Rom, i use this as a daily driver and it is stable, it is CLEAN & NO BLOAT (any included apps are removable), this replaces my previous version (v6, v7 & v7.1 ect...)

    UPDATE: Aidan's Android TV 9 Pie Xiaomi Mi Box Firmware Port To S905X Now Also Available!
    XDA Post Clock Here

    NEW Website! Check it out & Downloads

    Improvements Made [V6]
    ●NOT pre-rooted (Flash Magisk via TWRP for root)
    ●User Interface renders at full 1080p
    ●Fixed bug where remote power button would turn box off/standby but not wake it up again
    ●Added Miracast (scren mirroring) [BROKEN] FIXED IN V7
    ●Removed Chromecast and other bloat (wont work in uncertified devices and would fill storage in 24 hours)
    ●New bootlogo and boot animation (No longer will boot animation appear frozen during 1st boot)
    ●Added New App Drawer (And modified APK) THIS WILL SHOW NON TV APPS
    ●Misc tweaks & adjustments

    Improvements [V7]
    ●Added More Wi-Fi Drivers
    ●WIFI & LAN SPEED fixed (Was maxing about 6Mbps, now sucsesfully got 40Mbps)
    ●DPI Changed to 320 (Android TV Stock DPI)
    ●More tweaks
    ●Now comes with Filelinked Pre-installed (You can uninstall if you dont need)

    Improvements [V7.1]
    ●TWRP replaced as was rendered at 720p in the top left on corner some devices
    ●More WiFi & Bluetooth improvements
    ●Updated boot animation android tv 11 (Thanks khurramrizvi for extracting)
    ●Added more keylayout files (USB)
    ●More visual tweaks
    ●More Performance tweaks

    Improvements [V7.2] (19/09/2020)
    ●Fixed Disney+ No sound issue fixed (Thanks to DiogoSilva48)
    ●More visual tweaks
    ●More Performance tweaks

    Improvements [V7.3] (06/10/2020)
    ●PRE ROOTED! (Root switch does not work, Always ON)
    ●Disney+ now has working sound (v7.2 but worth mentioning again)
    ●All preinstalled apps can be Un installed (exept system apps)
    ●Samba Windows File Server [NAS] (Usb HDD, SD, Internal)
    ●Google Documents UI added (fixes bugs in some apps opening files)
    ●Stock Downloads File Explorer Added (Related to documentsUI)
    ●Google Assistant Text Search Navigation Bug
    ●Phone Settings crash fixed
    ●Wi-Fi Tethering now works (Ethernet to Wi-Fi)
    ●Changed Mouse cursor
    ●Certificate installer fixed
    ●GlobalKeyInterceptor added
    ●OneTimeInitaliser added
    ●GooglePartnerSetup added
    ●Updated Backdrop (no longer claims chromecast built in)
    ●Alternative Screensaver Included (Can uninstall)
    ●Reboot to recovery option in all apps section
    ●More visual tweaks
    ●More Performance tweaks

    Improvements [V7.4] (06/10/2020)
    ●Added missing Files for WiFi Chip AW-NH665 (Thanks Erick)
    ●Special Build for devices that fail to flash Universal ONLY (MXQ Special Build) (Testing Need Feedback)

    Improvements [V7.5] (10/02/2021)
    ● Added Netflix Android TV Version

    Im very happy with how this turned out, please install and let me know if it works for you what device you installed on & if you have any suggestion

    Facebook Page

    Tested on
    ●MXQ Pro 4K (1GB RAM)
    ●Trongle X1 (2GB RAM)
    ●NPET A95X( 2Gb RAM)
    ●rasse-001 (unknown Ram/rom)
    ●Leelbox q2 (unknown RAM/ROM)
    ●X96 (1GB Ram 8GB Rom)
    ●Beelink MXIII-II (Unknown RAM/ROM)
    ●Sammix R95
    ●M9C PRO
    ●X96 Max
    ●Buzz TV XPL 3000 (Needs my Buzz TV 3000 Remote. patch)
    ●Trongle S3 (Report that needs super su to root)
    ●TX3 PRO
    ●KM5 OTT 1GB/8GB (No reset button 1 user reported using "Reboot Update" worked)
    ●Alfawise A12 Plus Projector (AW-NH665 WiFi fixed in v7.4, Also Needs my Remote patch)
    ●T6 S905X 1/8GB
    ●KM5 (This Version only Worked With Alternative Special Build AKA: MXQ Special Build) [No Reset Button, Connect the box to PC with USB & Connect AC Power WHILE also pressing the Power Button, the device should then connect to the software and Flash]
    ●Many More...

    Known Issues
    Wifi chip HS2734A
    ZTE B860H (2 reports didn't work)
    MXQ boxes have hundreds of clones, should work on 90% of boxes if no Roms work at all for you I have some last resot ROMs at bottom of this post

    V7 Download From Google Drive (Fast Download)
    Replaced with v7.1

    V7.1 Download From Google Drive (Fast Download)
    Replaced with v7.2

    V7.2Download From Google Drive (Fast Download)
    Replaced with v7.3

    V7.3 Download From Google Drive (Fast Download) (06/Oct/2020)
    Replaced with v7.4

    [V7.4] Universal Download (Fast Download) (24/Oct/2020)

    Special Builds (Fast Download) (06/Oct/2020)

    [v7.4] Nexbox A95X Remote WITH POWER ON BUX FIX (07/07/2020) (Updated 24/Oct/2020)
    This Version Has Nexbox_Remote.zip pre installed in case can't access recovery to flash the patch (Added 22/06/2020)
    ^ Thanks to klo33 (freaktab) for testing these changes

    [v7.4]Alternative Special Build [ONLY Use IF Universal Fails!] (07/07/2020) (Updated 24/Oct/2020)
    This Version has additional DTB files (Alternative P212 + p214 & p242)
    Drawback is the UI is rendered at 720p with 210 DPI, The UI wont look as Sharp as universal 1080p with 320 DPI

    MY Patches (Flash with TWRP)

    ●Mygica atv 495x REMOTE (Thanks to nicko450 for supplying the remote.conf file)
    ●Buzz TV XPL 3000 Remote patch (You need to use ADB or terminal to enter recovery on these Devices)
    ●Xview R7 Remote Patch
    ●Mini M8S II Remote Patch (Thanks to Kishore12 for finding and fixing a .conf file)
    ●Sunvell T95k Pro Remote Patch
    ●Alfawise A12 Plus Projector Remote Patch

    Patches (Flash with TWRP) [BY MINIXFREAK]
    Nextbox, sunvell, Mecool, Zoomtak Remote Patches
    a95X, l8, Magicsee, T95U, T95Z, Tanix, x92, Zoomtak, Youndoo Clock Patches
    QC9377 & 4.1 Bluetooth patches

    Install using amlogic burn tool

    Donate & Support Me & Buy me an IRN-BRU

    Paypal: http://paypal.me/aidanmacgregor92
    Bitcoin: 1GhSiPf2ZURa9HiVMVh5KXmmB8nXr6nCVZ

    FAQ (WIP)

    Q. Netflix wont work from play store
    A The TV Version of Netflix needs Widevine Level 1 DRM, This cannot be added to your device with a firmware, FIXED IN LATEST VERSION PATCHED NETFLIX PREINSTALLED

    Q. Amazon Prime Wont Work

    A. Like Netflix Install the mobile app, the TV version needs Widevine Level 1

    Q. Disney+ No Sound
    A. Fixed in v7.2

    Q. Root Switch Wont Work
    A. Unfortunately v7.3 is always rooted and the switch doesn't work (I may offer unrooted versions if there is demand)

    Screenshots On The Website

    If you have one of these devices that really struggle taking any custom ROM, sometimes these are MXQ devices (there are so many clones of these devices) and they may have a locked bootloader or it needs a DTB that isn't common or known, there are some ROMs that have saved some people before, these are only if no other custom ROMs will work for you and are a last resort :)

    See this post:
    I am having Merlin 4k tv box amologic p212 based.can somoene please tell me which firmware should I use.

    Below are my box specifications
    i cant see what soc from specs but p212 suggests s905x :)
    Glad you used the Boot Animation, hoping more devs would include it in their builds ?
    I tested all the older RROMs with the same result(wifi turned off). :crying:
    The stock rom had the wifi working. When i started to use some custom rom, the wifi never worked again. One option is return to the stock rom but the version available in h96tvbox.com seems to be corrupted.

    Honestly i think your best option would be to just used wired, most of the android boxes i have come across have awful wifi chips, the wifi card on my 2 current boxes works but both suffer from poor speeds, and constant drop outs, i would highly reccomend using ethernet, you can use powerline adapters to get wired internet to any plug socket thats what i use for tv box and my xbox

    Like these