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Various touchscreen issues with S7+ 5G

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Mar 13, 2012
Google Pixel C
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I have the same. New tablet, updated to android 11.
Today I had a time when the touch screen stopped responding to anything.

Ja pierdole....
That happened to me a lot. Did you try using S-Pen when touchscreen stopped responding? Personally S-Pen works all the time, even when the touchscreen misbehaves.

I don't think I've any hope for this tablet anymore. Guess at most I'll use it for some drawing and reading, or some other activities that don't involve touchscreen too much.

After some discussions, it seems the tablet's magnets are problematic, that it could cause interference when using covers (the interference can also affect S-Pen in the form of missing strokes).

I'm now looking forward to getting a Lenovo Tab P12 Pro when it comes out, as it also offers a 120Hz screen. Hope that one won't be as plagued with touchscreen issues as this one.

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    I've had similar issues with mine, during game play - it starts off fine, then the screen starts to lag and many missed inputs... Had an update yesterday, but haven't tried it yet

    Not sure what might be causing the issues. While not really an issue for normal use, but in some games it can be really frustrating to find it so difficult to full combo even on lower difficulty levels such as Easy because at least one tap would fail to register correctly in almost every play.

    In my cases, the tablet mainly lags/stutters when it throttles due to overheat (if played for a prolonged amount of time). There's really no easy fix for that issue as it's very normal for such beefy SoCs to reach high temperatures.

    Honestly, the tablet is too bloated in terms of touchscreen-related features (like S-Pen and palm gestures). Not sure if the touchscreen sensitivity was adjusted to make sure these features work without major issues, which in turn can cause some side effects that only gamers would find them annoying. The touchscreen is indeed oversensitive as some other people have reported, that touches sometimes get registered too easily to the point that it sometimes results in undesired touches, such as being too early (registered before the finger actually landed), or ghosted (a touch appeared as two or more).

    Back then I got myself a Pixel C that I flashed with custom ROMs since day one and I never had any issues like this. Although it started developing similar symptoms later on, it turned out to be caused by a swollen battery and the issues went away after replacing it.

    Unlike that time, for S7+ I hardly ever had the charger plugged (only when I turned it off and when the battery is really getting low), and there are also no apparent signs of a potential battery issue developing as far as I can see.

    EDIT: I'm yet to be able to get another update... but it seems with prolonged gameplay the tablet may become very hot and the touchscreen becomes completely erratic in-game despite the game itself might not be stuttering (and sometimes this would cost me dearly).

    I suspect when the SoC overheats the throttle impaired the system's touchscreen recognition and the reason why I'm not able to reproduce every issue outside games is that the tablet would not be as hot as when in-game due to reduced load. Guess I need to look for a way to keep the tablet cool while playing... Once again, it the nature for such beefy SoC to overheat over time.
    I cannot rule out the screen protector might affect input, but personally the impact on input sensitivity/precision with tempered glass ones is not that significant. With this tablet I do regularly clean the screen. Nowadays I also use such protectors on my phone, and I hardly ever had any touch-related issues directly caused by screen protectors.

    On the other hand, a long time ago I had an iPad Pro which started developing similar symptoms (missed taps, interrupted holds). Back then I had a PET screen protector installed on it, and because of that I removed the protector later on, thinking that might be the culprit, but the symptoms were still there, so the screen protector was NOT the real issue.

    And honestly my fingers can indeed be a bit rough with tablet and phones that it's necessary to install a protector, or it'll leave some permanent marks after prolonged use (that when I clean the screen, the areas that I swiped most frequent during gaming would be visible).

    EDIT: Not sure when did the November update come out. My device is still on October update and as of now no new updates are available.

    EDIT 2: Will update the OP a bit.

    EDIT 3: I think some Samsung stuffs is indeed interfering (or at least taking up precious resources) as I did a logcat and noticed something mentioning Game Manager (which I do not want to activate, but it doesn't appear to be disabled completely). Does anyone have a good list about what I can safely disable via adb?

    I can send you the list of what I have disabled on my Tab S4 with android 10. After many trials and errors nothing crashes. Well rules of survival crashes from time to time but I think it might be normal. I left the game mode. Feel free to get rid of it. I based my list on some galaxy S10 debloat threads if I remember correctly. There were some pretty detailed lists. Note that I'm not rooted. I have tried to root but there was more hassle than positive effects.
    Not sure that all S7+ have this issue or only a few people have this issue, but mine has that issue too.
    I purchased the S7+ to use as a second monitor, so didn't notice earlier.
    2 months later, I started playing a driving game. While playing the game, suddenly 3" whole left side touchscreen is not responding. After 1~2 seconds, it comes back to normal. And then suddenly it stops for 1~2 seconds and then comes back to normal, repeat.
    I flipped the table and played the same game. Then, the right side is the problem. Yeah, as other people also have the issue on the left side, the S7+ really has an issue on the left side.

    I installed a tempered glass screen protector and Poetic Revolution case. When I play 10 matches with the screen protector and case, the touch screen issue occurred 2~4 times. Without the screen protector and case, the touch screen issue occurred 0~2 times. Much better, but can't say it is normal.
    When I play the same game using my Essential Phone[PH-1], it doesn't have the issue.

    I purchased the S7+ three months ago, so claimed a warranty. Not sure Samsung can fix this issue or return without fixing it or fixed it but made more issues. Let's see.