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Mar 7, 2016
It happened to me too, which is why I only replaced the photos. I have no idea what method to convert these files ...


Mar 15, 2021
I have unpacked the apk to java and programmed couple of things like showing the TEMPS in degrees instead of just HIGH and LOW and fixing some things for the climate control that doesnt turn on when the button is pressed. Also I have customized the pictures to my liking now the problem is packing it back from Java to smali and back to an APK. I even changed the door info to look better. I have spent so many hours on customizing it and now I just want to put it back together.


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george 1983

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Jan 13, 2022
Am reușit să o fac, am schimbat și aplicația canbus, așa că acum mașina mea apare de fiecare dată când deschid ușa.

NU aș vrea să o fac din nou, grafica aplicației este teribil de compusă. Mi-a luat 2 zile/aproximativ 8 ore.
Bna ziua cum ai reușit să schimbi aplicația canbus mulțumesc


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May 20, 2006

Sorry for bring back this old topic but maybe someone can give me an help.

In my vehicle app I cant find a way to have the tº coolant available in the info.
The speed and external Temp are ok, only the coolant tº and travel time are wrong.

The travel time do not annoy me, but I would like to have the coolant tº available.

Is there a way to change the "channel" call in the app to correct the data request?

All the others functions are ok, door open, signal of use, etc.


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    Adroid CANBUS for SKODA

    a little bit of graphics change. And customized for O2FL. I played a bit ... how can i add attachments??? :confused:
    All screens are here:

    - auto icon for reversing and any door opening is Superb 2015 combi silber
    - icons for clima are changed to yellow
    - seat heating indicated with red arrow
    -decimal point is "," and not square
    - HI temperetur is indicated RED
    - LO temperatur is indicated BLUE
    - ALL MAX are RED

    HOW to install(works in PX5)step by step:
    - u need rooted HU (Hal9MOD4 works only with OTA 4.0.1!, free version Mod4 is not fully rooted)
    - with Rootexplorer with SU privilegies find in ROOT/system/priv-app/HCTCanBus/HCTCanBus.apk
    - Change permision for this file to 0777, and them delete the file
    - copy new HCTCanBus.apk in to ROOT/system/priv-app/HCTCanBus/
    - and then change permision back to 0644
    - restart HU
    - FINISH

    Download for apk:
    Here are both canbus and controlinfo apk's, edited to show red Seat Leon instead that generic white car.

    controlinfo app goes to system/app/MTCcontrolinfo/ folder
    canbus app goes to system/private-app/MTCcanbus/ folder (or something like that, I don't remember)
    I decided to tune CanBus applications under Mod Hal9k version 4.0.2 using original files and @phoennix files, while improving some details. It means:
    - The sunroof from the reversing sensor view has been removed.
    - The right front door (from the passenger) has been corrected
    - The rear left door has been improved
    - The rest of the thing is done in orange just like it is in VW

    I don't know if it will work for everyone. So I advise you to make a copy of your file. Mod made under PX30, and Hal9k 4.0.2!!!
    Do you allow to mirror it on mega?
    Do you allow to mirror it on mega?

    The download is geoblocked from germany

    post 25 is updt with MEGA link