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[VENDOR] [surya/karna] Unified - All Custom ROMS [10] & [11]

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Jul 5, 2016
All the answers you need are in the OP ... Why you all keep repeating the same question every day ???

Use you eyes to read !

NO firmware change is needed from the user side, so don't repeat this question many times ... just read up again !

Ok, so, there's no "recommendation" , ok, so the latest available for your device version is the real answer 0.8 for global, EU and 0.9 for India variant


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Feb 16, 2020
NO firmware change is needed from the user side, so don't repeat this question many times ... just read up again !

Ok, so, there's no "recommendation" , ok, so the latest available for your device version is the real answer 0.8 for global, EU and 0.9 for India variant
what is your question ?


Feb 26, 2019
that's what happend after the last vendor update, why? what what did I do wrong? it's not my first flash your vendor. can I, somehow, go back to my system, without any wipes? wipe cache/dalvik didn't help.


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Oct 23, 2017
hi sir, is there any tutorial to flash the zip? i tried to clean flash rom along with this custom vendor but my phone ended up bootloop and back to recovery (enablefilecrypto_failed).
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Feb 16, 2020
I think you all are using a modded TWRP with "disabled encryption" support ... and this a huge mistake by recovery developers !!!
We are not in 2013 or 2015, encryption is a mandatory policy, otherwise all custom roms would be with encryption disabled by default.

The final user is the only responsible if he disable that feature !

So, this is not my problem in any case ... since you don't really know the features for each thing you are flashing !

edit : TWRP with encryption support added ... and please next time, you all use google to learn about what you are flashing and read again the header of my thread + OP !!!

Quick Tuto :
- flash twrp-3.4.0-surya-karna-encryption-support.img
- reboot to TWRP again [mandatory]
- flash your custom rom (no MIUI rom)
- flash the unified vendor .zip
- format /data + type : yes
- optional : reboot again to TWRP & flash Magisk
- reboot

If you can't follow these steps or you do your own steps, you have a serious problem in your mind !
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Jan 18, 2017
Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
Interesting project.

Just a question:
Did you achieved better WiFi speeds by using Wifi Channel Bonding on 2.4 & 5GHz?

I remember that I edited this file before to achieve better WiFi speeds
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Feb 16, 2020
Update 2021-03-07
read OP for more informations

(slowly uploading as i'm downloading a movie in the same time and i can't stop ... so sit down, take your time and wait !!! :sneaky:)

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Jan 18, 2017
Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
I flashed you vendor on LineageOS 17.1, it works, but brightness slider has less variation in brightness level. Like in half slider it's in almost full brightness. Please kindly check that.

Also, please note that you included your custom kernel in this vendor so people can flash another one afterwards. Also for retaining Magisk, add AnyKernel3 support.
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    * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...).
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before flashing it!
    * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
    * Your warranty will be void if you tamper with any part of your device / software.
    * Same statement for XDA.


    The first, the one and the only custom vendor for dynamic partition in the world : I challenge you all to show me who did it before !
    . If you find any custom rom with similar work since the first release of this one : it is just a copied and a stolen work [fake Google roms +++] !!!
    . Compatible with all regions / basebands / firmwares / device variants
    . Works with All AOSP/CAF based ROMs [10] & [11], Experimental, Official & Unofficial [TESTED]
    . May works on fake Google roms but i don't take any responsibility
    . Mount RO/RW available with no bootloop after reboot ! [Magisk/SU required]
    . SafetyNet passed
    . Full test passed : audio, ril, wifi, bt, fm radio, camera, sensors, fp scanner, nfc, ...
    . All known hardware issues on custom roms are fixed : camera, wifi, bt, hdr playback, chrome ... and overheating !
    . Custom Kernel with stock zImage [untouched +++]

    NO firmware change is needed from the user side, so don't repeat this question many times ... just read up again !
    . Formatting /data is required when you flash this vendor the first time +++
    . Never go back to the previous versions due to the possible build.fingerprint change [Old releases are automatically removed] +++
    . Dirty Update : always delete with file/root explorer or in TWRP this folder :
    /data/property and reboot

    You must delete these files & folders in /product partition from your custom rom
    [File/Root explorer needed] :






    & finally


    Already included in this vendor ... and since i'm the original author !

    [ OPTIONAL ]
    If you have the madness and the paranoia with security like Google, you can still relock /vendor again to the stock RO state ... But you will not be able to mount /vendor RW again even with root until you reflash the provided vendor.zip again !

    How to [terminal or adb shell] :
    tune2fs -O verity /dev/block/dm-1



    MIUI Users : sorry for you, but this is for custom ROMS " ONLY "

    TROLLS & NOOBS, stay away ... Please !


    POCO X3 NFC = surya
    POCO X3 [no NFC] = karna

    No matter where you live : india, china, russia, europe, usa or africa ... !

    Kernel Source [Prebuilt] : Here

    Created : 2021-02-27
    Latest Update : 2021-03-21

    RESERVED for "Changelog"

    Update : [2021-03-21] Highly Recommended !

    - overlay folder [/vendor] : secure & total remove ... R.I.P forever ! :sneaky:

    You can now remove it from here too ... with no issue :

    [As always : no /data formatting is required if done in the previous builds !]

    Update : [2021-03-20]
    fix compatibility with all custom roms [10] & [11] +++ :
    - build : preserve AVB structure [R/W still available in root mode] :sneaky:
    - tune2fs : restore some stock feature flags [dir_index, huge_file, extra_isize]
    - fstab [kernel & vendor] : small update
    - vendor selinux : property_contexts fix
    - build.prop : clean-up

    Update : [2021-03-18]
    clean-up & rework from scratch :
    . all audio config [over 20 files +++]
    . all media_codecs config
    . new mixer_paths

    [=> Exclusive]
    - true resampling fix : r.i.p audio crackling and all audio issues in UX, Dialer, emulators ... etc [forever]
    - improve audio & camera recording
    - audio/video playback [Speaker, Headphones & BT] : Hi-Fi quality, loud & noiseless

    [but first, you must delete these files with your File/Root Explorer:


    Update : [2021-03-12]
    - move to global as firmware base [boot & vendor]
    - ramdisk :
    . disable mi_thermald and re-enable again thermal-engine
    [on all custom roms : mi_thermald breaks the proximity sensor & suspend service in deepsleep => avoid hand wave gesture & AOD to work properly !]
    . clean up & update

    - vendor_selinux : add more camera permissions in property_contexts

    - media_codecs : remove unused .xml
    - ueventd.rc : rework from scratch

    Update : [2021-03-07]
    - ramdisk :
    . update cpuset & schedtune settings
    . improve memory multitasking
    . make that "damn" fingerprint truly responsive (y)
    . enable UFS powersaving
    . some clean-up & disable MIUI audio service

    - media_profiles :
    . rework from scratch
    . add slow motion profile support : up to 1080p/120 fps & 720p/960 fps
    . front video camera : add 4K support

    - build.prop :
    => update parameters for : camera, ril, performance, playback ... and more

    Update : [2021-03-05]
    - rework from scratch : init.qcom.sh & init.qcom.post_boot.sh
    - ramdisk : clean-up and add init.qcom.power.rc
    . fix CPU instability : set 300 mHz as CPU minimum frequency for all cores / update schedutil governor parameters
    . cpu_boost : improve touch responsiveness
    . add built-in display power saving [for both huaxing & tianma panels]

    - vendor permissions : rebuild from scratch / fix wronlgy settled paths (by Xiaomi) in some qti.xml

    - camera : rework from scratch ISO/lowlight config

    - remove dummy hbtp folder ... since there is no binary to load or device specific config
    - targetconfig : update CoreCtlCpu to [0,6]
    - build.prop : clean up and move NFC parameters to build_surya.prop
    - [Bonus] : Wi-Fi signal improved (x2) !!! :)
    . 2.4 Ghz : 144 => 300
    . 5 GHz : 433 => 866

    [but first, you must delete this folder, with your File/Root Explorer :
    /product/vendor_overlay/29/etc/wifi ]

    Update : [2021-03-01]
    - update msm_irqbalance.conf
    - update audio_effects.conf & remove audio_effects.xml
    - universal vbmeta & vbmeta_system added

    Update : [2021-02-27]
    - initial release
    - rework all build.prop (vendor & odm) from scratch
    - debloated from unused MIUI folders, files & configs
    - Kernel :
    . enforcing selinux by default
    . workqueue enabled in cmdline => better dynamic refresh rate handling by the CPU & stellar deep-sleep
    . fstab reworked from scratch
    Update : Unified vendor (surya/karna) uploaded.

    Check OP for more informations !

    Update 2021-03-21

    Read the changelog [OP]

    Spring Gift :)
    its not working after restart didnt boot n just go to recovry

    Wich firmware version you had just before flashing ???

    The vendor provided must match the firmware version that you have !!!