Verizon Pixel 1 Non / XL Bootloader Research

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Jul 12, 2018
Los Pringles, California
Back in late 2016, dePixel8 was made to exploit bootloaders that were locked by a carrier. It was only roughly 45 days later when dePixel8 was patched. Somewhat mid 2018, a new exploit found for carrier devices known as removing "" to permit a bootloader unlock. The theory behind this exploit was it worked because it temporarily removed your IMEI (Verizon IMEI starts with 35) and I suppose it didn't get a chance to contact Verizon servers correctly which allowed the OEM to be ticked. This exploit no longer functioned after, our theory of Verizon patching their servers (since OEM unlock requires you to be online anyway) in somewhat Aug-Sept 2019.

This is not the end of the story. We will still get the bootloader unlock we deserve because WE own these phones. Not Verizon. I want to make this clear.

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