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Verizon Pixel Bootloader unlocked?

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    I currently have a USB log of the bootloader unlock process. I was reading in another forum that if someone were to use USBlyzer software while the phone was being remotely unlocked, then the community would be able to use this information to provide a free unlock option. Anyways, I did this and have the log, just not sure who to give it to or whats next. Any Devs feel free to PM me or if anyone can point me in the direction of a the right Dev to give this info to, please reply. I'm not looking for compensations, just to finally give the middle finger to Google (in the kindest way possible).
    I say you go for it everyone who tried it succeeded and it seems like everything is fine also the guy does the work and makes sure before he asks for payment he's genuine.

    Yeah there's no worries. It worked with out a hitch. He doesn't really have time to do anything else. But as a precaution I wiped all software and access he used and had me download just to be on the safe side. I've since wiped everything on my phone and fast booted the stock .img. I've been through about 5 roms since he unlocked me. And soft bricked a couple times. Hence why I had to wipe entire phone and start from scratch. So there can't be anything implemented on my phone. So I'm sure I'm safe. He seems like a stand up guy also. I mean he puts his faith in you to pay him once he's done the job. That's almost unheard of in this industry.
    All I have to about him is that he is awesome. I have not only let him unlock my Pixel,but, he has spend a couple hours with me the other day on an LG he has never tried. He doesn't charge you hourly it's a flat price. We keep in contact and he is good at what he does.
    Those of you who are skeptical, just watch the Flexihub UI and everything except the adb shell is being used, all others are locked. He is a good guy and don't worry too much about it being remotely done. If you are uncomfortable, just remove all access and software after the procedure is done and you'll be safe. Give him a go it's worth the little money he charges. I fixes imei numbers too. Whatever services you need he provides.
    I'm confused what this would do, would you like to elaborate more.

    I'm thinking it would ruin a perfectly good SIM.
    I just made sure type adb devices and communicationing and then tried toggle and to my surprise it turned blue! Sean

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    the only thing did differently was munipulate Sim and that's all.

    doesnt. work. i tried this and i ruined a sim card.