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Verizon Pixel XL - Unlocking Discussions

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Dec 10, 2013
Well just got my BRAND NEW 128GB Verizon Pixel to replace my 32GB version. Unfortunately, the 128GB became available during 7.1.1, so therefor i am screwed. Tried booting with my TMO SIM and OEM UNLOCKING was greyed out and on 7.1.1. I did however get a 128GB device. Sorry for the bad news...

What did you tell them to get the 128gb? I have a friend with some screen burn in issues and he wants to see about hopefully getting a unlocked 128gb. I told him it will be hard but worth a shot.


Senior Member
Mar 19, 2007
I was lucky, i bought pixel xl verizon in ebay and the phone come with bootloader unlocker option avaible.

Btw the phone came from google replacements so was very lucky


New member
Oct 14, 2017
Pixel XL

I can see only two screens on my Pixel XL

one is boot loader and other is the boot animation scree i.e. white screen with Google loading. That's it.
I can't even unlock my OEM.
Can you please help me out.


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May 20, 2012
You are insane if you are letting some random dude access your computer via Teamviewer to unlock your phone.

If he wanted to be helpful he would just release the method he was using.


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Apr 13, 2011
Columbia, MD
Honestly I think he's getting a hard time from Google. I'm sure he would rather collect the over $1,000 bounty. Extremely nice and helpful guy.

Considering the number of people who have posted about getting their Pixel unlocked through him, and assuming there are also people who have gotten unlocked through him but haven't posted about it, he's probably made close to, if not over, $1,000 already.

So while I'm sure he's a nice guy, he's making plenty on this as well.

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    Lol guys don't bite the only hand with the food, lmao I'm so happy I left all this locked bootloader nonsense years ago. I'll gladly wait til mid November for my unlocked ? pixel xl to come in.

    it's as simple as that don't expect a community based unlock when you are debating purchasing a device. And in all honesty I don't think k I've seen a htc device jcase hasn't unlocked so getting him irritated is just shooting yourselves in the foot
    cc @beaups
    Its over, this is @KrAsH86 's verizon pixel

    Disable updates if you want to use this IF it gets released

    Settings > development options, disable the automatic update
    OK please listen closely..... Please stop all the crap... Let's get back to the purpose of why I started this post. Let's get this thing unlocked. Stop attacking people holy crap. If someone has the unlock and doesn't release it who cares. That just means it can be done. Chill out and just wait. It will happen.
    Wonder if Darth or MTM share this sentiment. Hell Jcase who is a senior moderator is the one who cracks them. Thoroughly confused. Are we being punked?

    They must have been threatened by Google or Verizon.

    Im the one that asked the post be taken down, it was advocating fraud. I'm all for cracking things, I'm not all for abusing warranty departments. I don't like seeing stricter warranty policies, or more expensive phones/insurance.
    Odds are an update coming in the next week, or maybe two (probably nov 1st-ish) will block the unlock.

    Do the following if you want to unlock.
    Developer setting, disable automatic updates (can re-enable after unlock).

    Once unlocked, dont relock it for any reason unless you dont care to have it unlocked again.