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Question Verizon unlocked S21+ Help

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Nervous Pl0x

Feb 18, 2014
Im not very good with these carrier locked/unlocked phones. I currently bought a Verizon Galaxy S21+ which is allegedly unlocked. The phone has all verizon bloatware/verizon boot up screen.

I have a Sprint SIM and when I put it in the phone I get the "SIM is not a Verizon SIM card" message and I get no service. Iv tried manually entering Srint APN info to no avail.

Is it safe to assume this phone is not unlocked or am i missing something?



Sep 14, 2014
what network does sprint even use? cant recall. i dont think its GSM.. and yes. if your phone isnt unlocked yet, what were you expecting? its a simple matter to call a provider and ask for an unlock, they sometimes want you to have the phone for some sort of 60 day wait first, though. and down in the settings theres a item for request permanent unlock and temporary unlock. you may have to use it, after you request yours over the phone.

im dealing with this now, with tmobile. basically it all becomes a little clunky when you didnt actually buy your device from your provider. but its still a simple thing in this day and age, just call them and make them earn that pay. sooner started, sooner finished.