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very hot when idle, super hot when plugged in (warm even when tablet is off)

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Sep 12, 2012
I've been using my flo for my carputer project for some time with the no battery mod done to it. Worked really well up until recently, when it started getting burning hot near the SoC even on the touchscreen side. Because tablet thinks it is draining it's pseudo battery, it would shut itself off in a matter of an hour or so.

Seeing how it was untenable as a carputer, I went ahead and bought another used flo to replace it. The carputer is all sorted now, but as a side effect I ended up with an overheating flo with gutted battery + an unmolested battery left behind by the freshly acquired flo. I am hoping to find a way to deal with the overheating problem and use the old flo as a regular tablet.

Here is what I've observed:
- with the tablet off, plugging in the charger alone heats it up pretty good to a warmish level
- when turned on, it gets super hot, hotter yet when plugged in
- drains like 1500mah while sitting idle with minimal background processes

I did a whole lot of googling and found just one person on reddit citing a similar issue from the no battey mod without any follow up on whether he was able to fix it or not. My theory is that the cheap ebay dc-dc converter I used may have malfunctioned and sent jolts of overvoltage spikes, frying some critical power regulating component on the board. In fact, I have another device (Oneplus bacon) that met a similar fate after no battery mod, except it won't even charge the battery enough to be able to boot up, getting super hot while at it.

Frankly, it is more of a curiosity than the actual need for a working spare tablet at this point. Feel free to point me to what I should try next!