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Very slow Random Write Speed on Androbench result, on Android Pie os

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Senior Member
Oct 1, 2007
Hi all,

I wrote the below message in HTC forum, but unable to upload picture


Dear HTC,

1) Refer to this webpage: https://www.notebookcheck.net/HTC-U11-Plus-Smartphone-Review.287370.0.html

The Androbench result under Oreo os is as follow

Random Write 4KB @ 135.69

Random Read 4GB @ 132.39

Sequential Write @ 207.94

Sequential Read @ 728.37

2) Refer to my attached picture

The phone is now under Pie os

Why does the Random Write speed being reduced drastically ? it is on 20mb/s now.....What is happening ?

Why does HTC do this ?

Please explain

Please revert the Random Write Speed back to the value same as Oreo os