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Video and Audio Playback/Conversion

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Oct 22, 2012
There are alot of guides around for converting movie files so they can be played back on S7/Gear VR some of them might actualy work but ive noticed that alot of the guides forgets to mention the audio output when they convert they only tell you about the video so to remedy this ill write down my experience..

1. Most guides tell you correcly about the video formats
2. Most guides don´t tell you that AC-3 won´t work. Only AAC and MP3 works.
3. First i thought avidemux would be perfect but apparently it cant read the complete audiostream on the files iv´e tested with no matter what audio settings i used in avidemux the output file ended up without speech.
4. So. Download ffmpeg
5. Put your video file in the ffmpeg\bin folder or add a path to the environment variable.
6. Open a cmd in your ffmpeg\bin folder and paste this line

ffmpeg -i YOURFILENAME.mkv -c:v copy -c:a aac OUTPUTFILENAME.ACC.mkv

7. After the conversion is done the output file should play correctly on your S7/Gear VR
8. Last note i have only tested this with movies that have an AC3 stream but it should work for other audio streams.
Oct 22, 2012
A liitle followup..

I thought it was a hazzle to install Emby or any other dnla client and milkvrlauncher just to watch local media in milkvr(And im not even supposed to have access to milkvr for that matter..) so i went the easy way and simply installed Abyss webserver added the mkv file extension and added my media files to the htdoc folder and now i simply open the local web adress in the samsung internet browser and it lists all the files and folders i have in the htdoc folder and i can can watch what ever file i put in the htdoc folder.