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[VIDEO] Android 6.0.1 CM13 on Lumia 525

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Nov 7, 2015
Hey guys!
I have good news!
Yesterday I received a package. :victory:

I guess it's time to start working again! :cool:


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Feb 10, 2008
Great, it is good news you got a new phone so can restart development of such interesting task, we have all been waiting for your news.



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Jan 24, 2015
Quảng Ninh


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Jun 21, 2013
That good, you already have another victim for the experiment

the question itself is, is that the phone is briking spending time ????

will be by the time you made the installation of the ROM ?????

Mismanagement of voltages by the kernel ??? or permanent damage to the nand flash ???

as extra information has not tried to revive lumia you have for the point test method ??? so forces into bootloader mode the CPU and flashing windows again

another look in the phone now you can not turn on the screen after block, it sounds much a problem of deep sleeep and power management

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Oct 8, 2016
touch not working twrp recovery mode

The touch of my lumia 520 only vibrates when i touch the screen.
i cant get any solution for it so kindly help me as soon as possible...
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    More info coming soon! :angel:

    It will work only on Lumia 520 and 525.
    Other devices will be NOT supported yet.

    If you like this project don't forget to donate!

    MOD Message:
    Please stop asking questions about when this will be available for your device. Currently it states that 520 and 525 will be supported. Until those directly involved in this solution have said otherwise, those are the two devices. There is no need to spam this thread with how happy you will be when it becomes available on your Lumia XXXX device or even to ask theoretical availability. They will let you know.
    Hey guys!
    I have good news!
    Yesterday I received a package. :victory:

    I guess it's time to start working again! :cool:

    Can we please keep the, "When is it going to be on my _____ device? When will we have W10M running on _______ device?" spam questions away? This is a demonstration that's showing something that's frankly pretty awesome. I understand the excitement for it, but please read the OP before posting. Asking for ETAs infinitely isn't going to make it happen. The creators will be able to give a supported device list when the time comes, but for now let's keep it clean and on to the context of what the OP is about.
    That sounds very Cool :)
    Very good work :)))

    I hope that my Lumia Could supported soon :D

    Maybe the Lumia 520/525 could be the next HTC HD2 ;)

    What is working now on the Lumia 525 or not ?

    LK boots
    Linux boots
    TWRP boots
    Android boots
    Display works
    Touchscreen works, but needs some calibration
    Virtual buttons (Back, Windows, Search) not works yet
    Sound not works yet
    Modem not works yet
    Wifi not works yet
    Sounds not soo gut..
    I'll keep my fingers crossed, that it works :))

    How did you Boot it ?
    Over the EFI loader or you had flashed a completly new Bootloader ??

    Yes, Lumia 520 will be supported soon. :fingers-crossed:
    I fully removed WP and UEFI and flashed LK bootloader, TWRP and CM13. :victory: