[Video Guide] Build / Create Your Custom Angry Birds levels

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Nov 3, 2009
Before starting,, I didn't really now where should I post this thread,, so please move it to the correct section if I was wrong ,,

[Video Guide] Build / Create Your Custom Angry Birds levels

This guide works with all angry birds versions (Android / Maemo / iOS / PC / Mac)




Note: I'm not the creator of the level maker, the developer is "forcer" from maemo community
The website this will allow you to create your level:



1- A PC
2- Angry Birds for your device (you can use anyone of those):
a- PC (from intel appup)
b- Mac (from app store)
c- Android free version:http://lnk.co/androidbirds or (from market for full version)
d- iPhone / iPod / iPad Version from App store (Your device should be JailBroken)
e- Nokia N900 from Ovi Store (Should be installed first)
3- You will also need the app "zipsigner" for andriod ONLY from the market or here: http://lnk.co/zipsigner
4- 7zip should be installed also on your pc : http://lnk.co/7zip


Steps that should be replaced to let this work on Angry Birds PC / Mac Version:
1- Instead of opening the apk archive to find the levels, navigate to your game directory (for example C:/program files/Angry Birds/) and then enter the folder data>levels


Steps should be replaced to get this work on iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch:
1- Instead of opening the apk, open the ipa angry birds file
2- then navigate to Payload > AngryBirds.app > data_iphone > levels


For N900, navigate to the original post:



You can also edit the original levels by using the revert function,,


At the end,, don't forget to share with us the levels you created ,, :)