Viper4Android V4A on Duo = Good Audio!

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Sep 10, 2018
Here is how you can enjoy your speaker on your Surface Duo:

Duo (obviously)
Root via magisk

Step 1: Download V4A Viper4Android apk & install it:
Step 2: Launch the ‘ViPER4Android’ app but do not install the drivers right now.
Step 3: Open ‘Magisk Manager’ and go to the ‘Downloads’ section of the app.
Step 4: Search and find the “Audio Modification Library” module and press the download icon next to it.
Step 5: Tap on the ‘INSTALL’ button to install the module on your device.
Step 6: Magisk module installer will prompt you to reboot but do not reboot your phone yet.
Step 7: Now go back to the ViPER4Android app, tap on “OK” to install the required V4A drivers.
Step 8: Grant the Superuser permissions to the app when prompted.
Step 9: After the drivers are installed, the device will automatically reboot.

To configure the speaker once magisk is working I have enabled these settings:

1) Master power
2) Playback gain control (strength 1) (maximum gain 3x) (output threshold -1.9dB)
3) FIR equalizer (small speakers)

This guide here : https://www.the***********.com/install-viper4android-android-10-guide/ helped me and they are definitely the source of this knowledge, but I thought I'd post here in case anyone else loved their device but hated the lackluster sound from factory.


Nov 17, 2011
At least it's good to know that it's not a total hardware limitation. Hopefully Microsoft will add an equalizer or improve the audio in future updates.


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Oct 14, 2020
Hmm not seeing it working. Running the latest android update. Everything installed correctly and per the guide but when I click on the driver status is says Enabled: No, Status Abnormal.

Not sure if that is just what it says or if its really not working. No sound difference when I turn on Master power, playback gain and equilizer. I see it in magisk and is enabled.

Edit: Nevermind. Rebooted again and now its working lol. Ignore more :)
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