ViperMax 2.0.0 | Android 4.4 | Sense 5.5 | VZW/SPC Support (5/1/2014)

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    Full ROMs:

    ViperMax 2.0.0 Verizon Version

    MD5: 50730f01b19777d2e3b3cbdf1501c38f

    ViperMax 2.0.0 Sprint Version

    MD5: 788a62cf4b409806f0ed037a7e9e282e

    Old ROMs:

    ViperMax 1.0.1 Verizon Version

    MD5: 3a5ffeb7350e94d618e6b58f74ee7cf1

    ViperMax 1.0.1 Sprint Version

    MD5: 10ee398c3cd79ef58c811bb114ee56ad

    ViperMax 1.0.0 Verizon Version

    MD5: 01a351f149deb877c9762b3410e66e52

    ViperMax 1.0.0 Sprint Version

    MD5: 82a7ad09d820d6e8a290f00a1d285ef2

    ViperMax 2.0.0
    • Rebased on Latest KitKat official updates
    • Lots of new tweaks, based on ViperOne 5.8's tweak list (too many to list)

    ViperMax 1.0.1
    • Fixed Venom ProKeys from market (Verizon/Sprint)
    • Added Mail.apk (Sprint Only)
    • Added @mystery_tx_man 's hotspot fix (full roms only)

    ViperMax 1.0.0
    • Initial Release

    What I expect to be the final beta was released to testers this morning. Light fine tuning is the last part after that before release. This message is for all carriers
    Just wondering....why doesn't nusense have awesome tweaks like viper?

    "VZW" OneMAX? Viper ROM
    Retired: Droid Incredible 2, Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, Note 3.

    I'm sure that nusense has a few things that this ROM doesn't have, like sense 6 for instance. I appreciate your passion for this ROM, but please remember that xda is not a competition ground. Each dev or dev-team brings different choices to the table and it's for users to decide what they want on their phone. Comparing roms and/or teams based on "who is better" (and that would only be your opinion anyway) only creates animosity and a hostile community.

    If your question was meant to be taken literally, and not in a, "why is viperMax better" intention, then I'll answer it that way too. We (team venom) have a strong no-sharing policy in regards to our tweaks/mods. This wasn't always the case, but without going into details, we once shared a few things, and then quickly got completely kanged (our entire roms were used without permission). It took us countless hours of working with the xda brass to get these kangs under control and removed, and it lead to new site-wide policies being created, specifically the admission of "no selective sharing of work" (a dev can't grant one dev permission to use their work, and deny another).

    We are aware that our strict no-sharing policy kinda goes against the general open-source principals of Android, but unfortunately, the behaviour of others pushed us into that corner. Many of us still will go out of our way to assist other devs if they're in need of help, but we refuse to give permissions for non-venom devs to use our work. In my opinion, if we were to share our code with every dev that asked, it wouldn't help the community, as it would only lead to 3+ other roms that are exactly the same as ours (where's the point/benefit in that?).