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VIVID - ROM for PX5/PX6 with Android 10

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New member
Aug 2, 2021
I would like to install this rom. Can I use this on my radio? Many greetings


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    You can refer to the screen shot - "Settings" - I attached in the first post, and when there is a update available, clicking the "More Info" button will take you to the release notes.
    I saw in the first post that there seem to be two different icon sets. How can I change them?

    I have set a route via Google Maps, but I don't see the route/navigation on the home screen. Only my current location is visible. Am I doing something wrong?

    I would like it if the default music player could be set to Spotify. Just like I would like to have DAB-Z on the home screen. The normal analogue radio reception is secondary and should also be able to be deactivated on the homescreen.
    Can I install it with this model?
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    Here comes a special ROM for HCT’s PX5 and PX6 head units, and we call it VIVID. if you’re in China, or you speak English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish, we’re happy to invite you to have a try on this ROM.

    You can download PX5 Android 10 here, and PX6 Android 10 here.

    So far, It can only support HCT’s PX5/PX6 with Android 10, please check out your system’s about page at “Settings - About machine” as follow


    The major features in this ROM:

    1. Navigation: integrated with Google Maps, AutoNavi, Baidu Maps and Waze;
    2. Music: Deezer, Kugou, Kuwo, Ximalaya, and built-in Bluetooth and radio
    3. Voice assistant: Houndify inside, which can do music playing, search coffee/restaurant/..., ask for weather, etc.
    4. System settings and Bluetooth phone.

    Everything is integrated gracefully, here are some screenshots, hope you will like it.

    Home page:


    playlist_list copy.png

    fullscreen_player copy.png

    tuner copy.png

    softeware_update copy.png



    We’re still in a beta testing phase, so any suggestions/feedbacks are highly welcomed!
    I installed it and got to the page asking to verify via Facebook, Wechat or phone for what purpose I don't know. So I deleted the firmware and went back to Android 10 HCT7.
    Why not have the APK theme instead of a full firmware?
    I have install it to test but i want to go back to factory firmware but i can't.
    When i want to reinstall factory firmware that the date is under 2021, that say that i can downgrade to previous version.
    How can i do this ?
    with sd card & rockchip tool or with usb cable back 2 back or wait 4 release latest factory image
    In addition, I wish there were free ROMs other than the occasional factory updates for our PX5 and PX6 head units.

    But that has been pretty much monopolized by only 2 people who charge for their ROMs. Nobody would ever offer a free MTCD/E ROM here as they would likely be squashed. They both know one can't offer their ROM for free without squeezing the other guy out.

    I have wondered if they both aren't really the same person selling 2 different ROMs but that's a different issue altogether.
    So to sum up..
    You make a launcher and you made a post introducing it like a custom rom ... plus that verification thing thru facebook makes the whole thing very suspicious to me.
    Do i get this right?