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Oct 21, 2006
Huawei Mate 20
Huawei Mate 20 X
I just bought a Vivo X Fold. Should arrive in a few days. I know the new model will be announced tomorrow but I am sure it will be way more expensive than what I paid now.

Anyhow it's blue model and I really wanted the black/grey one. Anyone know if you can buy replacement battery cover/housing so I can swap the blue back for a black back? Or maybe I can dye the blue back black. A DIY makeover. Thoughts?


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Oct 8, 2011
Got another update today.


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Oct 8, 2011
nono, ur in the wrong place. this function is only for certain apps that are implemented to display the same app in 2 screens side-by-side.
you should check out the quick launch bar in the setting.
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Thanks. Yes, I can add any installed app to the quick launch bar now. I think this feature was enabled in update I received in August (Twp updates before this version(


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Jun 16, 2007
Im trying to delete the above using adb but it says files not accessible or not there. I even used ADB AppControl to browse the packages and i don't see them? How can they not be installed? I didn't uninstall them.
You need to be rooted to remove one of the packages. I can't recall which one though

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    just received this new version in the trial section
    A little feedback from my part on this update (android 13). They have made a huge improvement on small window feature. I can now take full advantage of the large screen to play games and watch videos at the same time. Previously, there are so many bugs with this feature that i couldn't even use it. I can basically adjust the size of the window when i need to see things bigger and shrink it when it's not needed. Top down split mode is not there as i previously complained about it in their forum, but the small window feature can make up for that imo. It's not 100% perfect, i still notice some bugs like i can't click near the bottom of the small window. Or the pulldown menu from the top where all the buttons (wifi, data, gps, nfc..) gets overlay with each other. But this issue only occurred to me once. and the screen kept on flickering for some reason. and that also only occurred to me once so far. I restarted the phone, then everything went back to normal. However, Google photos widget is not working properly at the moment. It's not displaying any photos and it says "No account found". Maybe i'll try to uninstall and reinstall later to see if it fix the problem.
    Hi Everyone,
    Thinking to get this phone from wondamobile.. but have few questions. Quickly checked this thread but seems no answer visible.
    1. google photos are working on this phone ?
    2. i am not gamer (only chess :)) and asking if my daily apps are working normaly
    Viber, chrome, youtube, messenger, facebook, waze, banking apps, netflix HD ?
    By normaly, i mean if all notifications and usually stuff i sworking fine ? i know some things has to be done for notification its not big deal...

    I had huawei mate 40 pro, and thought i will survive with workarounds for google play stuff but in the end of day I sold it :D
    Scared to be the same situation as it cost like ~1.4k euro.

    Thanks guys !!!!
    1) I am using Google photos as my main photo app,
    2) I am using chrome as my main browser and as a matter of fact I am on XDa website uding chrome on my Vivo X fold +.
    3) I have Capital one Wells Fargo, Chase, Discover and Amex all working. Google pay and google wallet also working and it did verify my card using Capital One app. What's app working no issues Facebook as well I have messenger but not using it much so I am not sure what you need to knoe regarding the messenger app.
    4) Netflix HD videos are playing not sure about 4k HDR, but on such a small screen it's not noticeable.
    Few more details on Ocean OS 3
    A lot of the changes I see thus far are under the hood improvements and creating a cohesive standard for the vivo x fold. It's a huge update (7.5 GB) and I am just getting my head around the changes.

    The most immediate changes I see are:
    • smoother interface (smoother than the iphone 14 pro ios16 beta 2 as Universe Ice pointed out)
    • Themed widgets to match light mode and dark mode
    • Stable - it feels more stable. Switching between apps feel effortless compared to android 12
    The biggest change I see with this standardization surprisingly came in the way of GSI's and custom roms. The developers have a booting build of Android 13 for the vivo x fold and I spent some time to test it. I think there's some cellular issues that need to be worked out but I'm stunned LineageOS even boots let alone works in some capacity.

    I'm still putting the vivo x fold with Android 13 in its paces but so far it is super promising. I'll probably root this soon so I can have some of my root friendly apps on there
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    Finally successfully root my X Fold.
    System Version is 15.7, here's my original boot.img without patch, hope this is useful to you guys.

    And this is the 15.7 OTA package link which I intercept by wireshark.

    And is there anyone know how to connect Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to Vivo X fold?
    Tried for a few hours, but didn't get any solution.

    Well, it seems that I have skipped the last update and got a more recent one. Now all apps can be added to the sidebar and can be put into floating windows, which is just great.
    i went to their forum, nagged about their OS and lacked of multiwindows features and finally they listened.
    Please share you knowledge/tips/tricks
    Just got my X Fold yesterday in Canada and loving it so far. I have 5G on the videotron network and forced the 5G radio by using the app "ForceLTE" in the Play Store. I previously used this app to enable 5G for my Oppo Find N and it has worked on both phones with China ROM. I change the settings to "NR/LTE/GSM/WCDMA" under set preferred network type. After a few moments I have full 5G signal.

    I also have managed to get all notifications working using the methods described by Greggles on YouTube. I noticed that even though notifications were being delivered, that they would not appear on the lockscreen. I isolated the culprit to be "Smart Notifications" under "Notifications and Status Bar". By turning that thing off, all my notifications started to appear on the lockscreen. I also ensured that "Google Basic Service Management" was turned on under "Accounts and Sync" which seemed to also help with notification issues.

    Lastly, I followed the steps to set up a Vivo account to set a default launcher from a 3rd party app also outlined by Greggles. I have been using Niagara for quite some time and it scaled beautifully for outer screen and inner screen (see photo).

    I can say that I have tried most foldables (Z Fold 1/2/3, Surface Duo 1/2, Oppo Find N), and the X Fold has so far delivered the best experience so far. It was well worth it. Happy to see many others enjoying too!
    Hey guys, two days ago I got my X fold delivered. Big thanks to Wonda Mobile for a 3 days delivery from Asia to UK!
    Interestingly enough I am getting notifications on I think everything with dark mode enabled! Have not deleted any of Vivo's apps and I have not disabled anything. The only place I don't see notifications, other than calls and smses is the always on display.
    I'm in London on Smarty (runs on the 3UK network) and have 5G everywhere I had it with my S21 Ultra (it is even better I think) getting more than 700mbs
    I have checked and all UK operators are running their 5G networs on bands supportd by the phone.
    The only major problem I have is the connection to my Tickwatch 3 pro ultra gps. The Wear OS app (from play store) will connect to the watch but not go through the setup proces after selecting my google account. Just spins and nothing... Tried with the Chinese Ware OS app but during setup it tells me that for decices otside of China I should use the one from the play store. Any help on this would be helpful.
    Regarding notifications I just went and enabled everything in app info notifications and permissions sections for the apps I need and also in the single permissions section.
    Ask me for specific things and I might be able to test them for you guys.