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Vivo X21 UD How to Unlock bootloader

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New member
Jun 11, 2019
Also willing to test out any ROMs or root methods. Fortunatly, do not have FuntouchOS, but annoyed as hell by the mal-ware that keeps auto-installing other advertisement apps. Bootloader unlocked already, awaiting anything as far as root or STOCK/Custom ROM replacement. Thanks in advance!

Naveen Singh

Senior Member
May 15, 2016
Vivo X21 UD plus bootloader unlock


Does anyone know how to unlock the bootloader for the amazing Vivo X21 UD ?

I tried those methods :
Fastboot OEM unlock
Fastboot bbk unlock_vivo (with a modified fastboot binary I found on XDA)
fastboot vivo_bsp unlock_vivo (with a modified fastboot binary I found on XDA)


Try this:
fastboot oem unlock device_name_serial

where device_name_serial is the serial number you get when you run fastboot devices

Confirmed on Vivo X21 UD Plus
Hit thanks & donate if it works :D
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    In the house of BBK electronics the only phones that I have seen that are developer friendly are oneplus. Vivo and Oppo seem to have stopped "developer-friendliness" years ago. To my knowledge, no factory images or kernel sources have been released for any of their recent high end phones.

    May I ask, what result did you get from - Fastboot OEM unlock Fastboot bbk unlock_vivo?

    thank you

    fastboot oem unlock
    remote : unknown command

    fastboot bbk unlock_vivo
    remote : unlock fail

    fastboot vivo_bsp unlock_vivo
    remote : check signature fail
    Ready for some testing?

    Yes please... x21 needs root .. please someone do it....
    The os sucks. Sucks like hell. I have to sell the phone if there is no root and stock android

    Well, I can try some tricks & work if you guys are ready to test.
    I don't own a vivo anymore. The old ones are insecure enough to be unlocked.