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VNS-L21 Telenor hu stock Android

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Nov 26, 2021
Because the firmware were available on Firmware finder & Huawei update cloud, both are dead since February.
That's a shame really. I feel like that is an anti repair/mod move.
Huawei is really going against repair and more for replacement, i've noticed. I did a summer job at an offical huawei service center this summer. They dont repair, they toss and replace. If there is a software issue that can literally be fixed with reflashing the original firmware or a factory reset they just toss the motherboard (called main piece actually).
What infuriated me is once getting a phone that ran slow (it was code named Katyusa, i dont remember what's it called but its a Honor). My superrior just looked at the paper and said 'thats a new motherboard'. Turns out that the storage was just at 97% capacity. I told my superrior that we would just need to wipe it and send it back. he said "nope, replacement, protocol. but wipe that board anyways". I wiped the board and guess what. That solved it. But protocol said it needed to be tossed. and GDPR requires wiping everything. If the user forgets their micro SD card inside sometimes we'd have to wipe that too, so look out.

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    Link to androidhost.ru removed. This website is not accepted as file host on XDA.
    Oswald Boelcke
    Senior Moderator
    if someone downloads the original Huawei FW on this site, it's at their own risk (honestly, I haven't heard of a problem in 5 years). I don't think that the link to the page will somehow endanger xda...
    That might be the case but we have our policy. And if a link/site is blocked by Malwarebytes we generally don't accept such a link/site.
    All right, I take note. I just don't know how to help people when this is the only source of official Service FW (free)...
    All right, I take note. I just don't know how to help people when this is the only source of official Service FW (free)...
    That's fair and I certainly acknowledge your dilemma especially as you're known to me as an always helpful member with a mindset that reflects XDA's spirit. But you also find criteria for not accepted links in rules no. 11 and 13 even if they were the only source.