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Voice call issues on 18.1

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Oct 27, 2015
Having an odd series of issues that might be device-specific (Pixel 3), but definitely isn't a problem with my hardware, as that was recently replaced and had the same issue.

Basically, what I see is:
- For 1-3 days after a reboot, the phone works perfectly. Data works as intended. Calls work as intended. My office area always sits on full bars, LTE.
- After a few days, suddenly I have no ability to make calls...but I can receive them fine. If I try to call anyone, it just sits on the dialing screen for 1-5 minutes and then hangs up or dials. Inbound calls are instantaneous and there are no data issues.
- When the dialing issue occurs, if I watch the signal meter, it will be full bars LTE, then 3G, then H+, then it will either dial or will briefly say there's no signal and hang up...the moment it hangs up, it goes back to LTE and data works fine again.
- Either rebooting the phone or turning on/off airplane mode will fix the problem for 1-3 more days.
- This issue happens even if I switch over to wifi calling and am on good wifi signal, which makes it even stranger!
- I've reinstalled and updated LOS a few times since this began and issue persists. I've tried with wifi on/off, wifi calling on/off, different locations, etc. I even briefly tried the official Google dialer app, as I had been using the stock LOS one. No change.
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