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Voice Commands Motorola FULLY WORKING (Froyo only) From 2.2 leak! :D

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Sep 6, 2007
runs on Samsung Galaxy 3.

First start is very slowl.

Recognition dont work for me (German)

It speaks German but when i input something its said: "time exhausted"

so i think it didnt found the mic.

you can use "root explorer" to unzip the file to device root (system folder)
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    So guys, after a good half hour of debugging, here's to you:


    Fully functional (AND MUCH BETTER RESPECT TO THOSE IN 2.1!)

    Compatible with ANY Froyo, FroyoMOD/CM/ShadowMOD/Ice&Fire/any Froyo ROM

    Just install the following ZIP through openrecovery and you did! :D

    HAVE FUN!!!!

    This may also be compatible with NON_Motorola builds/Phones but I didn't test it :p

    Voice Commands.zip

    If you like my work, you can buy me a coffe if you want :D

    Thx a lot!!!
    Language Pack

    I've flashed the Vivo Leak and got the pt-br (Portugues Brasil) and es-mx (Español Mexico) language files. Just apply the attached update.zip file and you're good to go!

    EDIT: Reported that vending.apk was included in the update.zip file. I mistakenly forgot to remove it. Uploaded new update.zip pack. The attached file is the right one with only tts files from Voice Commands.
    I'm having a problems with this vending.apk
    It's cause an error on voice comand and close it.

    Anyone have an idea to solve this problem?
    Can i delete vending.apk before install?


    Guys, I'm sorry!!! I forgot to remove the app folder from the .zip file. I updated my last post with the correct update.zip file with only the TTS files. Please, reapply gapps package to recover the Market. If you have applied the previous .zip you don't need to do it again, just gapps. If you haven't applied, just download this new one and you're set.

    Again, sorry for my stupidity!
    OK, I found flashable .zip the same as luca posted in the 1st post