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Nov 6, 2022
Any new information on topic of VoLTE, VoWIFI? Except adding switches and having 4g+ symbol for internet - no advances for me (Have to clarify, that I do not have 5G, not trying to enable thereby). Still have IMS not registered.
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Nov 21, 2022
MOD Translation:
there are providers that need to cover this, which means that it is necessary to present different factors that affect the overall consideration for this. the phone is not a much better thing to consider as bandwidth really has something to consider for all of us at this point.

existem provedores que precisam cobrir este, o que significa que é necessário apresentar diferentes fatores que afetam a consideração geral para este. o telefone não é uma coisa muito melhor a considerar, pois a largura de banda realmente tem algo a considerar para todos nós neste momento.
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Oct 23, 2012
Mod which used to work on P6P does not seem to be consistent on P7P. I just don't always see "HD" icon when I am trying to make the call. Wondering if there is any way of updating it for P7P to make sure it works 100%. Or if there is other way around.


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Dec 26, 2022

Unfortuantely brother BenefitPay aint working.
However, ila Bank and BBK working with 0 issues.

I dont know how I will live without benefitpay, so im carrying another phone just for it, while i figure out something for BenefitPay
Is root and following the steps is still necessary after December update or google still not supporting 5G in Bahrain?

Another question: is root access is still required after installing the 5G module or you can unroot by SuperSU for benifitpay to work?


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Nov 25, 2013
Is root and following the steps is still necessary after December update or google still not supporting 5G in Bahrain?

Another question: is root access is still required after installing the 5G module or you can unroot by SuperSU for benifitpay to work?
The only way to get BenefitPay working is to uninstall magisk modules after enabling 5G. However, you will have 5G but VoLTE and VoWiFi will stop working.


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Nov 21, 2015
OnePlus Nord
Google Pixel 7 Pro


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Apr 22, 2011
It looks great.
But call screening is not available for you. You should have to have 3rd option there. It's not available in Poland yet, not Carrier related. I have the same like you. Spam calls filtering is different thing. But thank for confirmation about VoLTE and VoWiFi.


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Apr 21, 2011
I tried to install the module, but Magisk would not install it.I'm using Magisk 25.2. Other modules did work.

Any ideas?


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May 30, 2016
worked for me, rooted, in HK, 3HK telecom
Hello friend to you and to all those who used a magisk module to force volte, I also managed to do it by magisk, but I have a question for all of you, have you been able to validate your consumption at rest? If I activate the volte modules, it consumes between 15 and 20% in 8 hours of rest, if you have a specific volte module, stay tuned, thanks.
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    Play Poland
    VoLTE working
    No VoWiFi
    No 5G
    Orange Poland is working!
    I'm surprised how simply it went. One step at a time as per Shizuku's instuction. Switching the sliders in the Pixel IMS. Restarting and starting the Shizuku service via pc. Going into the phone settings and I see that connections via 4G and WiFi have appeared. Another reboot and launching the Shizuku service from pc. I then turn off WiFi and see the 4G+ icon. I turn on WiFi and make a call. And I am shocked. VoWifi and HDVoice is working!
    Phone without root. Pixel 7Pro. Orange Flex.

    Zrzut ekranu 2023-02-25 110207.jpg
    Hi guys, did anyone updated to latest March update and tested the patch?
    I've updated to March, volte and vowifi still work after pathing.
    I don't know why, but it does not work for me on my Pixel 7 with Slovak O2 carrier. I am able to do all steps without problems. But when I make the call, icon "HD" is not always shown, sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. It seems to work randomly. No idea why.
    This is because the numbers you are calling does not support hd voice or they are have VoLte off. I think it is normal.
    It works on lat st beta, just sometimes it needs a restart after a few days.
    I already sold Pixel, I bought S23Ultra, all features are out of the box.
    We all knew that. But we have Pixel, not S23 Ultra. If I want buy Samsung I will buy Samsung. I prefer Pixel more then S23

    I'm lucky and I live in supported country and I have all features out of the box.
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    I managed to root my device and get 5G, VOLTE and call screening enabled on Pixel 7 in an unsupported country (Bahrain).

    Let me know if u guys need a guide I will prepare one
    This guy has my avatar with my name on it 😂
    Guys I turned this out and on right now.
    Pixel 7 - Poland - Plus Carrier - VOLTE and VoWiFi are working!
    IMS Registered. Did few calls through LTE and WiFi, separately, WORKS!
    Of course without root, only quick ADB commands like described on website.
    Recommend this!
    For Poland - Play, Poland - T-Mobile - finally get worked - need to add new apn - name IMS, apn name ims, apn type ims, data protocols Ipv4/Ipv6.

    Restart phone and VoWIFI will work! - With patch, of course - without root! Finally full working phone!

    Guys check the guide i did, it worked for me on Pixel 7, but i expect it to work for the pro the same way.