Question VoLTE and 5G - Pixel 7 on none supported countries

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Its not that Google doesn't support everything. Mobile carrier also need to implement device-specific attributes.
Exactly, I'm from Brazil, and when checking VoLTE issues with the local operator, they have a list of devices that are enabled by the operator to receive the feature. It's not just up to Google.

I recently changed the mobile network settings on a 2 XL, and asked to always force LTE use. I no longer have mobile data in 3g, when someone calls me, only when the call ends, but I thought it was better because I gained stability in the fixed connection in 4g.


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Sep 17, 2012
Yeah, I guess different countries will have different network structures. It also depends on the sim card you are using, so what will they let you do? Some places will be better than others, but the carrier is not dictating everything. The phone is the receiver and if it is not allowing signal you get, well yeah, the situation of not connecting.


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Apr 22, 2011
I checked now 5G on latest beta3 with PL Plus and it seems it works? :)
Anyone can confirm?


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Sep 17, 2012
I am hoping it will start working natively one day. I did not have LTE originally either, but they turned that on in May stock. We can always have hope I guess. Better than being hopeless :D


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May 11, 2011
after the latest update, in july, volte doesn't show anymore on Digi in romania, while on orange it does!


Sep 23, 2009
Status for Poland 12.082023 - tested for 3 different carriers:

1. Orange - 5G, VoLTE (NB: there is no VoLTE switch in settings tough).
2. TMobile - 5G, VoLTE.
3. Plus - just VoLTE.
There is NO 5G support for 5G for Plus. The carrier's IT dept went mute even after my "official complaint" even though they should reply in 30 days. Some people claim 5G works in some rural areas but it certainly does NOT work in Polish capital city, nor in Tricity (Gdańsk/Sopot/Gdynia), nor Krakow area.

We still have no official support for VoWiFi here (none of the above carriers).

I contacted Google and they claim if the country and the carrier and the phone is on the list here :

it should work and I am supposed to contact the carrier directly... (feel like I am in that Asterix Movie - being sent back and forth ;) )
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Mar 12, 2011
I feel like China Unicom is not as good as we know? It also needs Network Guru Signal app to enable 5G? Plus, it also needs foobar66's module to turn on to get 5g to work. Otherwise, whenever the phone reboots, it defaults back to 4G LTE. Is that OP's observation as well?

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    I managed to root my device and get 5G, VOLTE and call screening enabled on Pixel 7 in an unsupported country (Bahrain).

    Let me know if u guys need a guide I will prepare one
    This guy has my avatar with my name on it 😂
    For Poland - Play, Poland - T-Mobile - finally get worked - need to add new apn - name IMS, apn name ims, apn type ims, data protocols Ipv4/Ipv6.

    Restart phone and VoWIFI will work! - With patch, of course - without root! Finally full working phone!
    Guys I turned this out and on right now.
    Pixel 7 - Poland - Plus Carrier - VOLTE and VoWiFi are working!
    IMS Registered. Did few calls through LTE and WiFi, separately, WORKS!
    Of course without root, only quick ADB commands like described on website.
    Recommend this!

    Guys check the guide i did, it worked for me on Pixel 7, but i expect it to work for the pro the same way.