VOLTE Wifi Calling with Unlocked S10+

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Aug 3, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
I have an unlocked s10+ and after 2 hours on the phone, and a trip a Verizon store, they cannot enable volte. There isn't even an option on my phone to enable it. WiFi calling is also greyed out. Verizon said I need the Verizon build to use volte. I'm hoping I can just flash the Verizon version. Anyone have any idea if that's possible?
Try downloading the Google dialer port, set it as your main phone app and then dial *#*#467#*#* to get to the IMS settings menu. Then try to enable VoLTE from the IMS Service switch menu. You can also try to enable it by dialing *#*#4636*#*# under phone information. Screenshot_20190329-071349_Settings.jpgView attachment 4741644Screenshot_20190412-234119_Settings.jpg

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Jul 1, 2015
There must be something wrong with my phone than. I looked in my more connections menu and it's not there. I took a screen shot but I'm an idiot and can't figure out how to embed an image. Just keeps asking for a URL...


Jun 20, 2010
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VoLTE works on tmobile, not that anyone should be surprised. That has been the case for the S8 thru N9. Now... I noticed that Samsung removed the VoLTE toggle from settings.
Pull down the status bar icon windowshade completely and click on the three dots. Select Button order and see if you have a hidden VoLTE icon there you can drag in.


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Apr 19, 2019
I bought an unlocked S10e directly from Samsung but I am NOT seeing Wifi Calling option anywhere in the Setting when putting in Cricket Wireless (a subsidiary of AT&T) sim card. I call Cricket and they say my sim is fully provisioned.


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Jul 15, 2013
Unlocked US version here with Verizon and wifi calling and volte working out of the box.
You may want to call Verizon to see if they need to provision it for your account.

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Does the hotspot work? I'm on the truly unlimited data plan on Verizon from years ago and currently have no limit on my hotspot with HTC phones. They limit hotspot at 30gb on the new unlimited 75gb plan and throttle you above 75gb. I use 100gb+ a month on average.


Dec 28, 2019
Service Provider: Straight Talk
Model: SM-G975U
Device Carrier: Samsung Galaxy S10plus from Spectrum

I just recently purchased a Spectrum Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10+ from a 3rd party. The individual had the device listed as Unlocked, however after taking the phone home and trying to use my Straight Talk Sim Card, the phone was locked to Spectrum Network, and I had to have the phone Unlocked for my Straight Talk carrier to be used.

Set up the APN settings for Straight Talk and receiving Data with no issues.

This phone (from Spectrum) does not have WiFi Calling or VoLTE options in the Phone, Mobile Networks, or in the Wifi Settings.

On my S9 Plus, I bought it directly from Samsung, Unlocked, and had no issues with WiFi calling.

Is it possible to change the phone's firmware to include VoLTE or WiFi Calling or is something related to the device's hardware?

Will try to call Straight Talk to see if SIM is fully provisioned.
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    For those basing your decision to buy unlocked/international vs branded, be warned. I can only speak for Att, but I spent about 2 hours arguing with their level 2 tech department and here's what I have learned. If you have a sim that is provisioned on a branded phone and then put the sim into an unlocked/international phone, you will be able to use volte, wi-fi calling, etc., but only until the carrier pings your imei for a periodical check, once that happens, those features disappear. Also, on Android Pie, the Enhanced LTE Services tab under Mobile Data has been removed as it is turned on by default, also confirmed with ATT. The only way to manually check is to toggle wifi calling on and see if it works. Anyway, just trying to help as I have gone to a branded phone for the first time in 6 years because the reception and enhanced features are more important than rooting to me.
    Hey there, I've been doing a bit of research but it has been a long while since i have done any flashing of firmware etc. I received my s10+ device today. Model number is SM-G975UZKAXAA. I am a Verizon wireless customer. When I placed this device on my account I noticed I have no access to Voice over LTE, and I also do not have any access to Wifi Calling. My question is the following. I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that if I wanted something like this I would need to flash the original VZW Firmware which would have all the lovely bloatware etc on the device. Is there any way I can do that? I have seen firmware that has been posted but I dont seem to see anything that specifically is the VZW apps etc which should (hopefully allow VOLTE and Wifi Calling and maybe even HD Calling, if thats a thing)

    I would appreciate any info anyone can provide me on this, as the only solution I can see at the moment is to return the device and start over with a VZW specific device.

    i have an ATT s10+ that i flashed with g975u1 but can't seem to get wifi calling to work without including 100% of the bloatware during the odin transfer. anyone have better luck?
    I have the Hong Kong unlocked Snapdragon SM-G9750 and VoLTE and WIFI calling worked out of the box when I swapped in the T-mobile SIM from my branded Galaxy S7.

    I will see if they can provision Visual Voice Mail and Real Time Texting (not that I'm that interested in using them, but you never know).

    I'm hooking up to band 2,4,5 and 12, but the phone does not support 66 and 71. Hopefully this will not be an issue in my rare forays to rural areas but I'm mostly in NYC.

    I'm super pleased with this phone so far in every respect. With an unlocked bootloader I hope I can root at some point, but this is a pretty obscure variant it seems.