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VOYO vbook V3, image disk for restore

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Mar 3, 2013
Hello everyone i have a similar problem with a voyo Vbook v3 - pentium edition, i tried to increase the video memory in bios from 32mb to 64 and after restart it will not start up anymore, it is taking charge and when i power-it up the usb are providing power but no image is shown up on the screen not even trough the hdmi , no lights (it has 3 blue leds), i have tried everything even disconecting the battery, the only thing that can be bad is the bios, and i have no idea how to reset it, the laptop is bad for 2 years now :(

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    you can find all folders & files from this China site also hire even Image of restoration
    I managed to get the drivers from their website after a lot of struggle. I uploaded them to mega just in case others need them:
    http s://me ga.nz/#!hVB0Ea6Y (apparently I need a min number of posts to put links)

    The decryption key is the following: !9fQTHbIb-H812jw2MwVOAPZoZvDGKuywgiRBkjkOwEE

    The wifi driver is giving some security warning when you try to install it. I already had it working yesterday (using other drivers I found) so I decided to not install it when I saw the warning. The rest of them made my camera and touchscreen work properly though so they are good.