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Jan 12, 2020
Bug or not

So on the first day of usage, it worked very well. Tried few servers etc. Checked what is my ip on the app as well as on google and my ip was reflecting with the one of the server i had chosen. :cowboy:

Now on the second day, i tried the same server, it connected, checked what is my ip on the app which takes 2-3 refreshes to update ip of my device as masked. So when i checked on google, it showed my actual ip instead of the vpn server:confused:
I thought it might be a cached page of my previous session. Cleared browsing data, rebooted the phone. Tried different servers, all the same nothing changed. But on the app when i run what is my ip it reflects the vpn ip of the chosen server.
So im confused whats happening here. :confused:

EDIT: found the issue to be with ipv6 leaks. If i disable ipv6 it works fine, but not sure if its supposed to have ipv6 encryption or not. Anyways it works fine with only ipv4. Pretty good upto now :highfive:
Also i have already rated on the playstore but i keep getting pop up to rate again. If you could also look into that it would be great.
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    I think giving the promo codes are stopped.
    No point in asking anymore.
    So kindly rate and review as per how is the app than blindly rating it...:good:

    Hello we are delivering new promo codes.
    Can you give me a promo code ? thank you
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