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Vulkan API Activator (Kenzo/Kate) [Nougat/Oreo]

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Senior Member
Nov 23, 2017
I have LG G5 with LineageOS 14.1, Vulcan API is installed (this is what AIDA64 say) but when I try run Vulcan Benchmark or Vulcan games the apps closes automatic, with or without this patch :(

I try get more info with app "vulkanCapsViewer", and get many red fail lines.

LG G5 uses SD820 should be compatible Vulcan, some one has any idea about what is happing?
Maybe because this thread is for kenzo/kate device and not for LG devices ??


Jul 30, 2016
Querétaro City
I have one Xiaomi Mi A1 with HavocOS Oreo 8.1. In Aida64 it appears "OpenCL device" but in vulkanCapsViwer it appears that I have Vulkan supported API. I think I have the Vulkan drivers already installed.
Emy doubt is, even thus, I can flash the activator if my device is different to the device thread, and if OpenCL appears instead Vulkan?

phanimitra vadlamani

Senior Member
Oct 26, 2016
My device:eek:neplus x running RR 7.1.2 official custom rom
What i flashed:vulkan zip and its activator zip
What happened: as usual- bloody bootloop....
Does my device support vulkan at all???????

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    All current nougat and oreo roms already have Vulkan API drives, but do not come with the API enabled. This happens because the play store knows which devices received the API officially, which is not the case of Redmi Note 3 Pro. Because of this, even with the drives the system does not make full use of the API. For this it is necessary to camouflage the device, turning it into some device that has received the Vulkan officially. Thinking about it, I created this activator that does the simple work of camouflaging the device and turns it into a Galaxy S8+

    After activating the Vulkan API the result is notable in games and applications that support the API.

    Here's how to tell if your device already has the vulkan drivers:
    I downloaded the AIDA64 play store and go to the "Devices" menu and check "Vulkan Device - Adreno (TM) 510". If it appears, your device has the vulkan drivers, now you only need to install my activator! ;) (Check the attached image for how it should appear on AIDA64.)

    If your device does not have the vulkan drivers, simply install them with the mod of the following topic: https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-3/development/zip-vulkan-api-nougat-roms-t3531655

    Activator Download
    Activator tested and approved by multiple users.

    Mode of installation:
    1 - Download Vulkan_Activator_by_Felipe_Kazuto.zip
    2 - Install by TWRP
    3 - Make Wipe cache / dalvik (optional)
    4 - Enjoy it!

    Sudeep Duhoon (for creating the original zip of vulkan drives)
    Xiaomi (for releasing nougat rom for Mi Max)
    minz1 (used his lineage os to get files)
    MEGAX91 (he extracted Mi Max graphics blobs)
    this live flash ?

    ---------- post added at 10:48 am ---------- previous post was at 10:05 am ----------

    i checked in aida64 vulkan tidak terdeteksi . Apa harus flash dulu vulkan zipby sudeep lalnot detected . What to flash first zip zip by sudeep and flash activator vulkan?

    rip english
    Can I try it on xiaomi mi max (helium)?

    Sent from my Mi Max helium nijel8's LineageOS

    Make device super laggy and impossible to use

    system got really laggy when flashed vulkan api activator...Im on TurkDevs miui ported N rom 7.11.9.

    Exactly same problem friend,
    After flashing this , my device lagging like hell..OP did you checked this dev before you posted it.. thank god that i took backup first

    ---------- Post added at 10:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:22 PM ----------

    ROM must have Vulkan compatibility, this is just activator.
    Did you check using Aida64?

    Device have vulkan , i checked already even i know it have,

    Tried it over latest version of epic rom miui 9 based on Android 7.0,

    After flashing device is like ****, lags like hell, impossible to use it like this