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Themes / Apps / Mods VW Car-Net app

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Are there any other users experiencing (solved?) issues with the Volkswagen remote access app? This app had been working well up until march of this year. Then the app just started throwing an error stating "unable to log in at this time" when I attempt to log in, but before I even enter any data.

I have tried all the usual steps including factory reset of my S21-Ultra to no avail. VW tech support has not responded to my requests for assistance. I had given up hope. Then, during July I had to switch handsets for a short time. On a moto stylus 5G, the app worked correctly with my existing account data. When switching back to my S21 I have the same error message.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
For the record - issue solved by pure focus, commitment, and sheer f*cking will. ;)

It seems the car net app REQUIRES chrome to perform the initial connection setup. It does not utilize the default internet application. I prefer the samsung internet beta and promptly disable chrome after resetting to avoid downloading any updates for it. While I was on the temporary phone (knowing it was temporary) i did not go through my usual customizing / disabling. Once set up I check the "keep me logged in" option and I can disable chrome again.