VZW software update failure: Error Code: 410

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Apr 24, 2010
I Updated VZW software today but after completion I'm getting "Failed Error Code: 410". I tried to rerun the software update but the there is no option to run it again. It seems like my Note 20 Ultra is running OK. How can I run the software update again?



Senior Member
Jun 10, 2020

Please download Samsung Smart Switch for Windows app onto your pc.

Samsung website:

Download Samsung Smart Switch onto your N20U.

- Open Smart Switch app on your pc - wi-fi on

- Open Smart Switch app on your N20U - your N20U does not need internet connection

- Smart Switch will ask you to connect your phone to your pc via usb connection

Smart Switch should let you know if there is an available software update for your phone.

It may take a while for it to update.

For some reason, I lost the ability to update my N20U after the May 2022 update.
I have to update via Smart Switch.