W37 Watch 7 - CPU: Hs6621

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Jun 4, 2017
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4


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    I have hw22 plus and I tried to download the watch faces that you posted and one of them is not supported or the store doesn't appear it to me to download but I renamed the .bin file and it worked and downloaded successfully so pls share more watch faces that you have and I'll do this too in this thread to you guys
    And if anyone has watch faces from wearfit pro pls attach it here
    Download link for all free W37 Pro Watch Faces available on the Wearfit pro app date 12/31/21 - https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aq2VSRNsTzQJk03Vvi6Cw4F4gjy1?e=aeur4E
    Download link for all free HW22 Plus (HS6621) Watch Faces available on the Wearfit pro app date 03/01/22 -
    *You will find some surprises
    Thanks @MizoEmad I already tested several smartwatch you ordered on my w37 pro AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY, now we need people with other smartwatch example hw12, hw16 to contribute to us
    great let's go after these smartwatch, I'll try to explain how to export the new files, if you don't understand you can ask again.

    1 - Download any smartface from Wearfit Pro app.

    2 - Connect the Smartphone to the Computer or access the root folders via an explorer (the purpose here is to enter the Wearfit Pro application folders)

    3 - Browse to Android / data / com.wakeup.howear / files / Download / ota - inside this folder contains the downloaded app displays

    4 - Now just replace the file and rename it with the same name as the one you downloaded

    5 - Right after I return to the Wearfit Pro application and have the same smartface installed that I had downloaded and replaced with the new file - so the application will get confused and install the new file.

    *note: do not forget replace and rename with the same name.