Wallet type / flip case without magnet??

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Oct 12, 2007
Just bought the Note 10+ which kind of disappoints me when I see the screen compared to my brilliant note 4 but that's another story.
I've tried a number of wallet cases but almost all the ones I see are with magnetic closure and that affects the S-Pen writing on the edge even with the tag stretched out as far as it goes.

Just wondering if anyone has found a case which doesn't use the magnetic closure?

I don't understand why manufacturers put magnets anywhere near the note series cases - Even Snakehive leather cases seem to do that and they tell me they don't get to test the devices when they make the products . Duh! then they tell me that they only get a few complaints and that is probably because in reality there are quite a few note owners that simply don't use the S-Pen.

I've always had wallet cases, prefer them and the one for my Note 4 was great (manna by Leinke), this had a perfect interference clasp which has never failed in all the years I've used it but sadly they didn't make one for the Note 10 / 10+ .

If anyone managed to find something that works I'd love to know especially one available in the UK.