Want to make your Pocket PC Today screen look exactly like iPhone? READ THIS!

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May 24, 2007
Howdy all,

I have all the icons set up, wisbar and clauncher working smoothly.

What i would like to know is how do you get rid of the scrollbar on the right of the screen and the battery icon removed from the bottom of the screen?j

Can anyone help please?


I believe if you go into \\Windows\Startup there should be a file called Init_Tray.ink. If you cut that out of the Startup folder, paste it somewhere else, and then soft reset, you should be all set.


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Aug 29, 2007
loocfa need some help please!!!

many hours spent trying to get a good looking theme going on, ive try the iphonish ones (mutiple times) if anyone has a theme thats better that the normal wm5, please share it with me,
[email protected]


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May 27, 2007

whos is this theme what does it take to you and where can i download it
pm please


Sep 6, 2007
i dont get it why is it so hard to find these skin?!? cant someone just upload it to a sharing site? i would love to have my Imate Kjam looking like a Iphone but it seams alittle difficult to do it. :(

If anyone have the skin please send it to me [email protected]

thank you


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Jul 13, 2007

can someone please send me the iphone app. for pocket pc i live here in the philippines and havent seen the iphone personally but pocket pc is all ive got if i have that app. surely ill be the luckiest person in the world to have that coz never in my life i think i can have that iphone thing.
[email protected] please kindly send it to me.



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Oct 2, 2007
Wm5 Iphone

Hey I just got my 8525. It still has wm5. I was wondering when the wm6 would come and if anyone woudl tell me whats this hype going about the iphone skin and how can I install it on my 8525.
Kindly send the directions and the files if you can
[email protected]


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Dec 17, 2007
Better contact

I feel for the iFone style phonebook the application FunContact is much better..
Its free for trial if you like it then u know what to do next for the full version


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Jan 17, 2008
hey guys i was wondering if anyone knows how 2 put that iphone theme onto ur tilt.......email me back....later :cool:


Mar 25, 2008
Hi everybody,

totally new here and have read a lot of posts but, WA 2 isn't running great on my Touch Cruise. Now i have WA 3 which works great with WM 6.0 but are there allready eye fone themes availlable??? Anyone knows?? Thanx a lot in advance..

greetz Neosto (crazy dutch) :D

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    well actually they could... we have already been instructed to remove the files for theme (screenshots at this time are ok) and any *links* to the themes. Same thing that happened with Palm and their threaded messaging app and Tom Tom. we were instructed by them to remove and files from the ftp/and the board, as well as any links that will allow a direct download.

    I think Apple needs to take a dose of it's OWN medicine myself. If you'll notice on the tech specs page for the iPhone on Apple's site http://www.apple.com/iphone/technology/specs.html , they're using a theme on the prototype that the theme's author uploaded to PocketPCThemes.com on February 15, 2006!!

    http://www.pocketpcthemes.com/preview.asp?ID=56642 .

    Better yet -- in order to actually SEE the date of the theme upload, just go to www.pocketpcthemes.com and do a search for "ClownFish". You'll actually get the see the date and time the theme was uploaded.

    I think the author of the theme that Apple is using should be getting a royalty from Apple for using his/her theme on their advertising. Do you think the author IS getting a royalty?? Hmm . . . Nowhere on Apple's site do I see credit being given to the author of the theme. Is that not plageurism??

    Add to that the fact that it's apparent to me that there are also some apps being used on that photo that I use already on my Wizard. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if my Wizard is Windows-based, then Apple either committed copywrite infringement by using "hacked" Windows-based apps for their OS X software and are representing as their own, or they are blatantly misrepresenting software on the iPhone from a Windows-based developer -- because that screenshot looks an awful lot like a couple of apps I use on my Wizard.

    What's REALLY sad about this whole mess is that now the users on this very forum are reduced to begging for files via PM and email to other members because "freedom of expression" has now been challenged by Apple -- when EVERYTHING EXCEPT the icons are freely available on the Net. But, we can't post LINKS to those apps on these forums?? At least, that's MY understanding. Am I miss something here??

    If this continues by Palm, Apple and/or other software developers out there, this forum will be effectively shut down -- no hacking, no tweaking -- NOTHING. . . no software support from anyone on here who gives a ratsa$$ about how our PPC's function. And, the way things are going, that's going to be pretty soon. :(