Want to reproduice Huawei p20 audio , on another phone

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Jan 15, 2022
Sorry for my bad english :) .

I recently use a Samsung S21 5G . I got a Huawei p20 . The samsung 21 is very cool , expet for sound to me . On my Huawei P20 the loudspeaker deliver a certain Low pitched sound and perfectly audible at low volume .

When i use the S21 . The sound is more high pitched and too "loud" at low volume . I hear many sound like "Shhh" or "Tsss" and somtime voice are too loud .

I compare the same videos with both phone , and it feel like the Samsung s21 as more depth in audio ( thing i dont really like ) .
And that strange , i play a spotify musique with the same Earphone for the 2 phone . And its differents . The bass " boom " are too loud and completly supress the voice .

I try many EQ on google play without any result . If some one can help me , i'm open to ur question or advice .