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May 17, 2013

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the heads up, am noob, so walking into a proverbial minefield trying to root my phone but am treating it like experiment. Thanks again for the warnings, Bill P
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Dec 12, 2013
Great! Hey do u think that ,,,Isn't it a fine things of Galaxy

A smarter user interface complete with voice commands.
Samsung S Beam™ that lets you share files, videos, and photos with other Galaxy devices.
Easy Mode and Samsung S Voice™ for a simplified user experience.
Access to AT&T 4G LTE so you can upload, download, and stream faster.

please inform me about its extra functions

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Unlocking of Samsung Galaxy remains sometime critical.But it is fantastic ,,,,To unlock---> restart with key of Volume button,You can see reboot option --->just click ------Fun!!!!__It is so easy to unlock without going on a customer care.

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    here are some points which a mini user must follow to keep his g'mini away from problems

    Flashing roms:-

    now many mini users flash rom on their mobile with stock recovery then create a thread here saying "I did this how to get this fixed" why you not read before doing anything

    be sure to flash cwm to your phone with Odin and never flash it through rom manager even if it shows g'mini in the list

    ROM manager:-

    Flashing recovery through rom manager is highly risky 99.99% are of bricking their mobile (obviously can be revived), although many users have posted that they have successfully flashed rom (not recovery) through the app, but still am warning you to not use it on any cost and also I will also like to ask devs to remove it from their rom, by including the app in their rom people got encouraged to use it, I am not blaming the developer of rom manager, he is doing a very great work but rom manager is not made for galaxy mini

    Touch firmware update:-

    Many of you are interested in special codes which have to put in the dialer to access special areas of android os

    in the bulk of those codes there is a code for updating touch firmware, but you are warned that you should not do this, these days many problem are coming about touch, updating touch firmware will brick your touch, and flashing will not do anything and its a tricky job to get the touch working again

    but if you have did update even after reading this please do not create a new thread instead write problem here, all the members here will try to solve it

    what is touch firmware update:- there is an option in samsung's android phone to update its touch firmware, and its a very risky task to do, 80% of the result are of bricking the touch, and then what happens is hours of Googling, unwanted tensions in mind and obviously a bricked touch

    how to fix it:- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=22709246&postcount=1 here is a very good tut on fixing your touch

    Rooting and Unrooting:-

    Currently there are two packages to root galaxy mini, both have their on advantages, but you need to keep in mind that you must use the same packages for rooting and unrooting, using different packages can cause instability.

    flashing recovery:-

    flashing recovery through rom toolbox or flash_image binary is not recommended it may lead to a brick, instead use the method discribed in thousands of tutorial around internet, most secure way to flash recovery is through Odin using a recovery.tar file according to your current version

    unlocking phone:-

    many of you wanted to unlock your mobile to use other company's sim on your sim locked mobile, and thousands of articles are there to do this in galaxy mini, but don't for get to backup you efs folder to a safe place so of something just mis-happens then you can use the backup to restore the imei, another thing is never make any changes to the file located in the efs folder, or else you will have a mp4 player instead of a fully working android
    He had given so important guide and in return he had got only 1 thanks .
    Edit: I forgot to thanks him too :p

    Edward Cullen
    if someone is dumb enough to do anything with his phone without any knowledge about it... let's just say, remove all warning labels from all kinds of products, and let the natural selection begin :)
    Hi there im using emanon v7 galaxy mini and cwm v4
    can i upgrade my cwm to via recovery mode?? and do i need to wipe cache /data:confused:
    cause new experience rom requires
    No need to wipe data when you are flashing recovery

    But don't forget to do that when you are flashing the rom
    I'm using this method when i am going to flash a new rom
    BTW Ive just upgrade cwm
    and is it necesarry to partition my sdcard:confused: (going to flash new experience)

    if it says so in roms thread...
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